Amazon Reportedly Pressures Small Businesses with Retaliation if They Don’t Hand Over User Data

Amazon reportedly pressured smart-thermostat maker Ecobee to fork over data from its voice-enabled devices even when customers weren’t actively using them. When Ecobee pushed back, the e-commerce giant threatened to box the company out...

Small business owners report shortage of workers

As small businesses begin to reopen after COVID-19 shutdowns, many are reporting a shortage of qualified workers. Read more here:

Which Small Business COVID-19 Adaptations Are Here to Stay?

SMALLBIZAID: Some pivots that small businesses made in the past year have worked so well that they may be here to stay. Here are the small business adaptations that may survive beyond the pandemic. Read...

Fiverr Releases Third Global Small Business Needs Index, Highlighting the Strength and Optimism of...

The past year has been a whirlwind for small businesses as the COVID-19 pandemic forced worldwide stay-at-home orders and subsequent shutdowns. On top of their usual expectations to adapt to changing customer needs, many...

Saltbox raises $10.6M to help booming e-commerce stores store their goods

E-commerce is booming, but among the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs of online businesses are finding a place to store the items they are selling and dealing with the logistics of operating. Read more here:

Small businesses are less hopeful about their ability to get funding

Small business owners are less confident about their ability to get a loan — a drop-off that's worst among Hispanic-owned businesses, according to a new survey by Quickbooks. Why it matters: Small businesses hard...

Small businesses try to recover one year into the pandemic

VIDEO: Andrea Day reports how three small business owners have fared one year into the pandemic. She joins 'The News with Shepard Smith' to discuss. Read more here:

Readying B2B Brands For The Shock Of Marketplaces’ AR Pains

As more Small Businesses embrace marketplaces to sell their products, more businesses will come to a rude awakening about just how complicated B2B payments in the marketplace model can be. Read more here:

How To Make HR Tech Work For Your Small Business — Without Overpaying

SMALLBIZAID: For small-business owners, understanding the basics when you are buying HR/payroll technology as well as your company needs will lend itself to efficiencies and greater employee contentment and help you avoid overpaying. Read more...

FACT SHEET: The American Jobs Plan Supports Small Businesses | The White House

From the White House: "The American Jobs Plan will reduce small business shipping delays by upgrading our nation’s transportation infrastructure; help “mom-and-pop” shops reach new customers by providing universal broadband; and enable Main Street...
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