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We serve the needs of B2SMB leaders, practitioners, brands, enterprises, resources, investors and educators.  We sit at the center of the global B2SMB ecosystem, a hub for critical information exchange, peer-to-peer networking and specialized skills development.  We are committed to delivering meaningful insights, important connections and valuable opportunities from a trusted platform for years to come.

What’s in it for YOU?
Membership Advantages

By becoming a B2SMB Institute Member, you are giving yourself, your brand and your product or service offering to SMBs an invaluable competitive edge.  You will come to rely on the Institute for the advantages created by proprietary research, thought-leadership, resources and more, as well as the advantages shared by our active network of fellow B2SMB professionals.  

You’ll benefit from valuable relationships in our highly engaged community – our Members are eager to share, learn and partner.  Our Member-only events provide a safe place for these interactions to flourish.

You’ll benefit from cutting edge insights with the Institute’s broad and deep compendium of research, case studies, POVs, advice, tools, education and more, all served crisply and concisely 24-7. The Institute is a magnet for all things B2SMB, providing Members what makes for success every day.

You’ll benefit from our exclusive B2SMB Community, thousands of dedicated makers and managers of business-to-small-business products and services.  Our undiluted and undistracted focus on what it takes to reach, engage, win and keep Small Business customers means our Members can finally find the dedicated support they need and deserve.

Our Unique Value to Business-to-Small-Business Professionals

The B2SMB Institute is a one-of-a-kind hub of resources, events and peer-to-peer networking for Business-to-Small-Business professionals and those who sell to them.  Membership in the Institute includes:

    •  Connectivity to a rapidly growing community of 3000+ B2SMB peers, with frequent opportunities to network
    • Market-leading insights, case studies and playbooks on successful strategies and tactics to win, keep and grow SMB customers at scale
    • Marketing, sales and product development resources and relationships that create genuine advantage in the $500Bil SMB Marketplace. 

Lauren Weinberg,
Global CMO, Square


The B2SMB Institute provides a strategic resource that extends to all functional requirements of a B2SMB enterprise.  We promulgate what Leaders need to compete effectively, from research that identifies opportunities to “playbooks” that detail successful tactics. As importantly, the Institute provides a highly valuable resource and outlet for a B2SMB Leader’s own teams and talent.  Underpinning it all is the candid top-to-top dialogue that we actively promote every day. Our invitation-only “Leaders’ League” is the Institute’s ultimate expression of value to the B2SMB C-Suite, an exclusive stage to influence the future of the B2SMB marketplace.

Eric Spadafora,
VP Sales, Verizon


The B2SMB Institute uniquely focuses on the Small Business target audience and buyers. While other associations and events may focus on more broadly applied Marketing and Sales strategies, or more large-enterprise-directed B2B tactics, the Institute is exclusively focused on what defines our Members’ B2SMB job success. From new media options, to content-driven engagement strategies, to the latest sales practices that close SMB deals faster, our goal is to provide our Members the means to win now.

Raj Mukherjee,
SVP Product, Indeed


The B2SMB Institute promotes an SMB-centric development pathway that recognizes you can’t “dumb down” large enterprise offerings and expect to win SMB favor. Using extensive SMB research as a baseline, the Institute provides both form and forum for building offerings that SMBs will buy and use. The Institute currates discussions and content on best practices for SMB product development and product market fit that help our members increase product adoption, increase lifetime customer revenue and reduce churn. 

Lem Lloyd, 
SVP Revenue & BD, BuzzBoard


The B2SMB Institute provides direct and frequent access to B2SMB decision makers seeking the very help your business resource provides. As B2SMB Institute Members, you will represent best-in-class solutions that assist in B2SMB product and service development, marketing, sales or delivery success. The Institute intends to provide a Member-to-Vendor ratio that enhances value for both Sellers and Buyers. Benefits to the B2SMB Institute Member-Vendor include: direct access to the largest, most influential B2SMB brand Buyers; an unrivaled resource for all issues and opportunities from the B2SMB marketplace; and a unique position of influence in the rapidly evolving B2SMB space. 

Member Benefits

In addition, ALL Members receive:

  • Our Daily News Brief e-newsletter covering all that’s new, relevant and valuable to our B2SMB Members and extended community. Each Daily News Brief includes news stories, trends, and strategic insights, with special sections curated for Marketers, for Sales Pros, and for Product Developers.
  • Our SMB 3000 Directories, including the SMB FIN 1000, the SMB G2M (Go-to-Market) 1000, and the SMB OPS 1000. Each directory lists the top brands in multiple categories, including web addresses and LinkedIn Company page addresses. Downloadable versions of each directory are available to Members only.
  • Our B2SMBI Playbooks, a unique collection of online resources, how-to-guides and case studies focused exclusively on winning, keeping and growing SMB customers at scale, often sourced from or authored by our most successful B2SMBI Members.
  • Incremental Event Sponsorship opportunities, including special function hostings (receptions, meals, breaks, VIP activities, workshops & more), exhibitor space (as available), event workshop hostings, or event collateral/swag distribution. Consult your Institute representative for current availability and features.


A Summary of 2020 B2SMB Institute Membership Options

B2SMBI Enterprise Membership is best-suited for elite, multi-offering B2SMB Brands, especially those who intend to play a significant role in the Institute.  Enterprise Members plan a high-volume of participation from many of their own Brand’s associates, and see a direct benefit to building their B2SMB competencies and developing their staff through the Institutes’ information, content and professional network. Membership includes:

  • Eight (8) B2SMBI event admissions tickets per year of Membership (all access)
  • One (1) high-visibility seat on the Institute’s Leaders’ League, including a single seat at any Leaders’ League VIP Dinner (held during major events.)
  • One (1) Speaking engagement at a B2SMBI event.
  • Two (2) seats on either the B2SMBI Sales & Marketing or B2SMBI Strategy & Offering Councils.
  • 33% discount on all additional B2SMBI tickets, paid content or research, as available. 
  • Optional Exhibit Booth space (10’ x 10’, standard placement) at the 2020 Best2SMB Conference

B2SMBI Business Membership is best-suited for leading limited-offering B2SMB Brands who want to play an active role in the Institute’s ecosystem, benefiting from its resources, network and events.  Business Membership also provides significant discounts to SMB research and more specialized Institute events. Membership includes:

  • Four (4) B2SMBI event admissions tickets per year of Membership (all access)
  • One (1) high-visibility seat on the Institute’s Leaders’ League, including an invitation for a single seat at any Leaders’ League VIP Dinner, subject to host-Sponsor approval.
  • One (1) Speaking engagement at a B2SMBI event, subject to Speaker/topic approval.
  • One (1) seat on either the B2SMBI Sales & Marketing or B2SMBI Strategy & Offering Councils.
  • 25% discount on all additional B2SMBI event tickets, paid content or research, as available. 

B2SMBI Individual Membership is best-suited for B2SMB professionals who want to maximize their Institute benefits, while gaining event admissions to at least two B2SMBI events.  Membership includes::

  • Two (2) B2SMBI event admissions tickets per year of Membership (all access)
  • Upon application approval, (1) high-visibility seat on the Institute’s Leaders’ League.
  • Upon application approval, one (1) Speaking engagement at a B2SMBI event.
  • Upon application approval, one (1) seat on either the B2SMBI Sales & Marketing or B2SMBI Strategy & Offering Councils.
  • 15% discount on all additional B2SMBI event tickets, paid content or research, as available.