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Our frequent white papers, POVs and special reports provide current trends and information for those shaping the B2SMB marketplace, sourced from the best and brightest thought-leaders (many of whom are B2SMBI Members.)  Our content is strictly aligned to the challenges we know our Members face – from finding and winning SMB customers, to keeping and growing them.

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Robust, Actionable Small Business Research

The B2SMB Institute both originates and curates today’s most valuable research on SMB behaviors, purchase intents, media habits, business objectives and more.  Relying on large cohorts that reflect the enormous diversity of SMBs, our intent is to provide our Members reliable data that feeds SMB-targeted product & service development, marketing, sales and delivery, including:  

  • SMB Identities & Behaviors Study- Scheduled for release in May 2018
  • SMB Engagement Study, including Media Responsiveness- Scheduled for release in October 2018
  • Curated SMB Research
  • Sponsor Research

Education and Accreditation

The B2SMB Institute is the first to offer the tactical training that B2SMB pros need, a highly specialized curriculum that develops the critical skills unique to the B2SMB marketplace.  Our Professional Development Courses will be available online in March 2018, with additional courses added every quarter based on Member demand.  Our first wave of classes will include:  

  • Selling to Small Business – for Business Development professionals who need an expert playbook on communicating with, qualifying and closing Small Business prospects, this course features best practices from some of our most successful Members, including Dell, Kabbage, and Victory Lap.   
  • Content Marketing to SMBs – for Marketing professionals who need a rubrik, a glossary and a style-guide for talking to Small Business, this course draws on extraordinary B2SMB content marketing expertise from Cargo, RSL Media and to form a foundation for success.

To pre-register or to receive more information for any B2SMB Institute class, please e-mail