What It Takes to Win, Keep
& Grow SMBs at Scale

Yes, there are a LOT of folks out there just like you, who are challenged every working day with the toughest sell on Planet Earth - Small Businesses. Back in 2017, we sought to bring a handful of those B2SMB Leaders (what’s B2SMB?) together in Chicago in a small conference room. In a couple of months that first Summit’s guest list grew to 350+, and we knew we were on to something. The premise was and still is simple: in a highly fragmented marketplace of SMB “snowflakes,” it’s good to stick together.

Playbooks for Any Challenge

Our Members do a lot of things right, and we believe that their success is our opportunity to learn. So since our beginning in 2018, we’ve curated Playbooks from the folks who are doing it smart - from marketing to direct sales, from product dev to service call centers. We’ve fashioned these insights into a unique B2SMB resource that informs, instructs and inspires us the follow the Winner’s path. We now archive over 50 Playbooks on our YouTube channel, and welcome you to watch all of them.

Surveys, Behaviors, & Usage

Our Members are not just consumers of SMB Research - many are consumer/providers. We offer a hub for dynamic SMB insights for all to use, curating more than 25 major Small Business research initiatives in the last year. Most importantly, we have a number of the best research agencies in our Membership, who continuously advise us all on how to use research the right way to win more, keep more, and grow more. Expect to find this research playing a major role at our events, in our podcast an in our blog.

For Growth in the New Normal

Invest in the future of your business. From budget cuts to industry-wide layoffs to ongoing supply chain disruption, teams are facing more challenges, not less.

You need leaders you can count on to make decisions and prepare your business for the future. Ama La Vida provides scalable executive coaching to your leaders to make sure they are ready to take your business into the future.

A WARM INTRO TRUMPS ALLConnecting Members to Members
Is Our Passion & Purpose

Since our first event in 2018, we’ve taken great pride and pleasure in directly connecting people we think need to meet. These intros take the form of social links, e-mails, panel participation and even our Partnerships Circle and Leaders’ League. But don’t be surprised to get a “guerilla intro” - physically walking a Member to meet another Member live, eye to eye, handshake to handshake. From where we sit it’s actually not hard to see who fits with who, and we’re here to make those connections real.
We Are Business-to-Small Business
If your job depends on winning, keeping, and growing SMB customers at scale, we invite you to join thousands of your B2SMB peers who count on the Institute for critical information, actionable insights, and the skills needed to succeed.
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