Covid Survival Guide: Pivot to PPE and Make It Last

The coronavirus pandemic showed off one the U.S. economy’s best traits—its diverse and nimble small-business sector. As social-distancing measures to slow Covid-19 crushed their sales, firms across the country pivoted for survival....

This is the financial case for small business

John Newby sets forth a few considerations needing to be part of every community conversation regarding growth, strategy, and the future of local Small Businesses. Read more here:

From Survival to Revival: How to Help Small Businesses through the COVID-19 Crisis

In this proposal, Steven Hamilton of The George Washington University calls for a significant expansion of refundable tax credits to help support small businesses through this crisis. Read more here:

Hispanic Small Business Town Hall: Funding Options in the Pandemic–And Beyond

In a recent streaming event from Inc. and Hello Alice, small-business investors and entrepreneurs shared advice on finding funding to grow your company. Read more here:

Six Key Drivers of a Restarting Economy

From Inc. Magazine Columnist Howard Tullman: It's no longer about "What have you done for me lately?" Customers are going to reward companies that can anticipate their needs before they know they...

No PPP Funding? 5 Ways For Small Businesses To Survive

Small businesses haven’t had it easy in 2020. First, shelter-in-place forced many businesses to press pause. Then staggered reopenings, headaches getting federal financial aid and draconian rules and regulations forced businesses to...

COVID Pandemic Taught Small Business These Important Cyber Security Lessons

The COVID pandemic has created a whole new set of cyber security concerns, especially for a small business. This infographic tells us the lessons we should learn from it.

How a Nashville guitar maker, Novo, struck a new chord after COVID-19 shut down...

Like many entrepreneurs and small businesses, Novo Guitars in Nashville had to quickly adapt to the new normal during the pandemic. Read more here:

Why women-owned businesses anticipate a tougher recovery than their male-owned counterparts

A U.S. Chamber of Commerce survey finds that fewer female business owners now expect an increase in revenue in 2021, while male business owners saw no such drop. Read...

US small-business recovery after the COVID-19 crisis

Improving operations and adapting business models can help small businesses in many industries recover. Finding the cash to do so may be a stretch. Read more here:
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