Meet the Finance Leader Helping to Hand Out Billions in Small Business Loans

In a year that’s been tough for independent businesses—to say the least—the importance of shopping small is rightfully being touted as more essential than ever. Marie Claire’s editor-in-chief, Sally Holmes, spoke with...

B2B Marketers Pick Up New Skills During the Pandemic

This year has brought about a lot of changes for B2B marketers, with a new survey from MarketingProfs finding that in the last 6 months B2B marketers have made a range of...

How this California small-business owner came up with creative ways to help community during...

Small business owner Mario Hernandez has been coming up with solutions to help his desert community in Southern California beat the virus. Read more here:

15 Trends That Are Expected To Drive Small Business In 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for small businesses to stay nimble and up-to-date on the latest trends to ensure that they're able to evolve with constantly shifting market conditions.

B2B: the key to growth is self-disruption

Marketplaces and D2C are transforming the sales landscape. Here Bertrand Maugain examines the new models and how the synergies between them and existing eCommerce channels need to be negotiated carefully.

Community banker says small businesses need more help

PODCAST: We don’t know what the next round of federal relief might look like, or whether it might happen, but one area that seems to have some bipartisan support is more aid...

Small Business Owners, In The Age Of Covid, You Need To Reimagine Your Business...

If you are a small business, or someone who is helping a small business survive, you may need to reimagine your business model. Read more here:

Small businesses struggle as 2nd COVID-19 wave hits

MUST WATCH: "Shark Tank" star Kevin O'Leary and small business expert and B2SMB Influencer Melinda Emerson discuss small business struggles. Read more here:

Can a Start-Up Mentality Save Small Businesses?

Small-business owners are having to learn approaches like “fail fast,” course-correcting and going virtual — and some are succeeding. Read more here:

For Small-Business Owners, a Shifting Landscape of Resources

Today, many sources, including private foundations and the federal government, that once offered loans and grants have either closed their financial aid programs or put them on hold. Read...
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