Leaders Forum 24

Leaders Forum 24

15may(may 15)1:00 pm16(may 16)6:00 pmLeaders Forum 24

Event Details

Our 2024 B2SMB Institute Leaders’ Forum focuses entirely on the top line: selling at scale in an SMB marketplace that’s seen extraordinary change since 2020.


15 (Wednesday) 1:00 pm - 16 (Thursday) 6:00 pm PST


    • Day 1
    • Day 2
    • may 15, 2025
    • 1:00A REGISTRATION1:00A- 2:00A

      Join us LIVE at Viansa in Sonoma as we connect you and your peers in Business-to-Small-Business Leadership. Powerful keynotes set-up dynamic problem-solving breakouts, while best-practive Playbooks delivered by Leader-Practitioners provide the steps to do your job better. Our objective: to insure you are networked with every one of your peers attending, beginning from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart.

    • 2:00P WELCOME! Kelly Benish - Chair of the B2SMBI Partnerships Circle2:00P- 2:15P
      Speakers: Kelly Benish
    • 2:15P PITCH FOR PARTNERS2:15P- 3:15P

      Back by popular demand: we'll invite attendees to stand and introduce their company, their partnership opportunities and what they're looking for.


      We'll invite 3 seasoned Partnership execs from Verizon, Alignable and Netsuite to talk about their recent collaborations to better reach, engage and close new SMB customers. Part case study, part playbook and part "do this, don't do that!" you'll leave this session with a clear roasmap to partnership success.

    • 3:30P BREAK3:30P- 3:45P

      We've once again asked Stephanie Gorski of Accenture to give us a "state of SMB" - her "Top 5 Insights into SMBs" as we all attempt to understand better what our customers need, want and expect of us in the most current state of play.

    • 3:45P PARTNERSHIP KPIs PANEL3:45P- 4:15P

      The KPIs of Partnerships Success
      What metrics define your Partnerships' success? We'll ask 3 leaders on the numbers they look to move when engaging in collaboration to market, sell, develop and deliver their offerings. We'll look at different KPIs used, with attention to what's common, what's different, and most importantly, what can improve your overall Partnership performance.

    • 4:15P WALKABOUT4:15P- 4:45P

      Steps Towards Partnership

      The Viansa grounds afford us a number of walking paths around the grounds - perfect places to csually engage in small group walkabouts. It's an opportunity to meet and greet more of your Partnerships Circle attendees.

    • 4:45P RECAP OF PARTNERSHIPS CIRCLE MEET-UP : Kelly Benish Chair of the B2SMBI Partnerships Circle4:45P- 5:00P

      We'll end Day 1 with summary take-aways and a commitment to meet within 14-days with prospective partners we've identified during the time together.


      One of our most popular event activities! Meet fellow B2SMB leaders while dining at some of Sonoma’s top-rated restaurants. We’ve already made reservations for groups of 6-8, and will have a signup-sheets at registration, so bon appetit!

    • may 16, 2024
    • 10:30A REGISTRATION10:30A- 12:00P
    • 12:00P WELCOME: Dave Walker, Co-Founder, The B2SMB Institute12:00P- 12:15P
    • 12:15P BREAKOUT 3 for 312:15P- 12:45PM

      We'll break the ice in small groups of just 3 attendees each. The assignment? Collaborate to identify the top 3 Small Business marketplace changes that impact our collective ability to 

    • 12:45P CEO PANEL12:45P- 1:30P

      3 of our Member-CEOs will address the 3 key changes in the SMB marketplace that they believe are most impactful to selling to SMBs successfully. 

    • 1:30P SALES LEAD PANEL1:30P- 2:15P

      We'll hear from 3 BD Execs on the realities they face on the front lines of SMB sales. What works, what doesn't and what would they like to tell their Leaders on the realities of a new sales environment.

    • 2:15P BREAK2:15P- 2:45P
    • 2:45P SALES INNOVATION PANEL2:45P- 3:15P

      Innovation abounds across our B2SMB community as we all address the new tools, the new processes and the new rules of selling to SMBs. We'll hear from 3 different B2SMB leaders on 3 key areas of sales innovation, esp. the use of AI.

    • 3:15P SALES TRAINING PANEL3:15P- 4:00P

      3 Execs who lead Sales Training offer their playbooks on training, directing and motivating the people we count on to close the deal.

    • 4:00P SMB PANEL4:00P- 5:00

      Time to hear from the Customer! Member Cargo Agency will moderate a live panel of SMB decision makers on what it takes to win their business. This highly interactive session allows all of us to hear directly, without filters, what moves a SMB to "Yes."

    • 5:00P VIANSA WINE TASTING5:00P- 6:00P

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