Kush Shrivastava

Kush Shrivastava

Kush Shrivastava

Co-Founder, Key.ai

3:05 pm - 3:25 pm


When Kush Shrivastava builds, big things happen. 15 years ago, he started building big things at Google. He then helped build Kosei (acquired by Pinterest), then Yahoo's SMB Platforms (acquired by Verizon Business), then FalconX (an $8Bil valuation crypto platform.) Today he's building big again. Using the community of Xoogler - a group of 45K+ ex-Google employees that he founded - as a lab, Kush is building a community platform united by shared ambition - Key.ai. His next stop? The community of SMBs. An added bonus? B2SMBI's community is a Key.ai beta partner.

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