Business owners won’t rest easy if Congress shields companies from coronavirus-related lawsuits since they know that such protections only go so far. Read more here:
Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many in Congress have rightly prioritized small business relief. Main Street businesses have been devastated by the drop in sales and government-mandated shutdowns. But federal aid has often been confusing, unavailable and sometimes insufficient for some of the hardest-hit small businesses.
Main Street SMBs attempting to survive the pandemic and the resulting cash crunch are turning to instant settlements for help, according to PYMNTS/Visa data. Read more here:
The B2B Future Shopper Report 2020 was based on a survey of 200 B2B professionals in the United States. Survey respondents represented a range of job functions and seniority levels, including purchase managers, procurement managers, and C-level executives. Read more here:
If there is any bright side to COVID-19, it is that is happened in 2020, a time when social distancing is not just possible, but easy, due to almost everything we need existing at our fingertips and inside our homes. This is what is making B2B industries...