Now that the dust is beginning to settle on the ‘new normal,’ many B2B businesses are emerging with an evolved context, offering and even business model to what they entered the pandemic with. Read more here:
According to the Equitable Entrepreneurship: Empowering Women Through eCommerce report, complied by eBay Main Street, which monitor and participates in a variety of legislative and regulatory issues on behalf of the eBay community, ecommerce opportunities on eBay have helped women deal with the economic and social challenges of the...
The supply chain issues the U.S. economy is currently facing are not only affecting consumers during the peak shopping season, but small businesses have also started to feel the effects of these shortages. Read more here:
Values-based marketplaces are emerging to promote local, small businesses on a global scale. These online hubs enable consumers to find products based on what matters to them most. They are the digital equivalent to knowing the maker down the street, and they might just be the antidote to Amazon’s...
The owner of a dog-walking company in Atlanta, Georgia, said she got, on average, four new enquiries a day, "and we have to turn all of them away." Read more here: