The headlines scream from rooftops when large organizations are hit by hackers, when the truth is that primary targets of most cyber attacks are small business websites.  In most of the cases, it takes hackers a few minutes or less to compromise the systems with data exfiltration occurring within a few minutes.

So, why is that hackers target small businesses so often and what can you do to protect your small business website from this growing menace of cybercrime?

Small business websites are low hanging fruit

Small businesses are typically quite complacent when it comes to security. They tend to believe that they are safe from malicious attacks due to the size of their business operations. The reality though is quite the opposite. Smaller businesses are more exposed to the risk of attacks from hackers than larger corporations as they typically lack the expertise and budget to implement effective security measures. A very small fraction of small business websites considers cybersecurity as a top business priority, which suggests why they become prime targets for attack by hackers.

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