Collaborative Small Business Recovery
Effort with Major B2SMB Brands,

In Partnership with

First, thank you.

Thanks to the 100+ Business-to-Small-Business Enterprise Leaders who’ve raised their hands, engaged their heads and committed their hearts to SmallBizAid, an effort launched just 4 weeks ago to collaboratively develop and cooperatively deliver assistance to SMBs impacted by COVID-19.

Leaders across the Business-to-Small-Business community recognize that our millions of shared SMB customers are getting hit very, very hard, and need help.

These Leaders recognize that we are each uniquely positioned to lend that help.

And these Leaders recognize that we are all stronger together, that while none of us can approach delivering a “total solution” for what is crippling and even killing Small Business across the country, we can do best by doing together.

SmallBizAid is that doing together. 

What is SmallBizAid?

SmallBizAid is a not-for-profit project powered by the B2SMB InstituteSilver Lining and its platform.

SmallBizAid is a broad-based effort to collect the highly fragmented but powerful Covid-response offers B2SMB Brands have launched in these last few weeks, and then connect and combine these offers – including yours – for maximum impact on Small Businesses across the country.  

With a goal of rapidly restoring the majority of cash lost by SMBs during “social distancing” measures, our plan is to deploy a sustained cash “surge” campaign that ultimately delivers a meaningful, long-term boost to our shared SMB customers – a boost that no single brand could create.

How Does SmallBizAid Work?

Applying the framework above, SmallBizAid will be designed, developed and delivered through the cooperative and collaborative efforts of dozens if not hundreds of B2SMB brands, B2SMB Leaders, Advocates, Influencers and Allies, led by Dave Walker of the B2SMB Institute, and Carissa Reiniger of Silver Lining.

  • First, we will collect the many individual B2SMB Brand offers out there into a neutral, centralized hub,, (please check it out!) making it easier for SMBs to find what they need.
  • We will then actively connect participating B2SMB Brands, Advocates, Influencers and Allies to each other, enhancing a collective of offerings through the site, its resources, challenges, and event(s.) 
  • We will ultimately combine all of our efforts so we can deliver more robust and effective SMB aid at scale where and when it is needed most.

What Does SmallBizAid Deliver to SMBs?

SmallBizAid will help SMBs address cash needs in 3 stages:

  • Immediate cash: leveraging the platform we will give SMBs a centralized hub to find all of the B2SMB Brand resources – including YOURS – available to help them generate and/or save cash.
  • Recovery cash: we will galvanize the general public to buy from small businesses through our Buy From Small Business Challenges and a single, consumer/buyer-facing Buy From Small Business event/campaign – much like Small Business Saturday (but longer!)
  • Long-term cash: through the learning, networking and resources assembled through these cooperative efforts, the initiatives of SmallBizAid and its Buy From Small Business destination will become trusted partners in helping SMBs survive and thrive.

What Does SmallBizAid Deliver to B2SMB Brands, Orgs & Advocates?

Your contribution to (your offer, resources, time) will connect you to a broad coalition of B2SMB Leaders, Advocates, Influencers and Allies – real people who are passionate about making a meaningful difference in the lives of Small Businesses when they need us most.

By joining our effort, you and your Brand will benefit from:

  • Impact – you’ll extend and enrich your Brand offer(s)’ awareness, reach, and engagement with SMBs.
  • Effectiveness – you’ll attract more offer uptake by connecting to the traffic drawn to many B2SMB Brand offers. 
  • Good Will – you’ll be seen as a B2SMB Brand Leader who rises above traditional marketing to deliver genuine aid.

Our 3 Asks of You:

We are in the early stages of growing, and we’d of course appreciate all the help you can offer. 

  • Will you provide and allow us to publish your B2SMB brand’s Covid-19-response offer to SMBs on
  • Will you participate in BuyfromSmallBusiness SMB recovery initiatives (Challenges, Events, and more to come)? 
  • Will you join a Committee to lend your heart/head/hands to our ambitious effort? 

Why We’re Doing This – and Why We Hope You Will, Too

COVID-19 has focused our minds on providing the highest value this moment demands. That means informing and inspiring our B2SMB community.  It means providing immediate domain expertise where it counts. It means serving as a hub for our best collective response to this crisis.

With early help and commitment from passionate and caring B2SMB Leaders, Allies, Advocates and Influencers like YOU, we can, we are and we will assemble a collaborative response to deliver Small Business assistance at a meaningful scale. 

And SMBs desperately need our help!

Please, get engaged now!  Thank you for your continued support! 

Dave Walker, CEO
The B2SMB Institute