RSL Media CEO Rob Levin

Content marketing is  seen in some circles as a critical part of the marketing mix for SMBs.  Advertorials in the form of blog posts, newsletters, social media, web site copy, video, reports and contests all set the stage for longer tail customers who aren’t yet ready to buy a service or goods, and are focused on leads, client engagement, Website traffic, media visibility and brand awareness.

Media companies like Deseret Media have professionalized it, setting up entire content marketing farms. Indeed, a few years ago, content marketing was seen as the next big thing for media companies, leveraging their expertise in creating media. Generally, however, media companies haven’t been able to move beyond their traditional media channels, and they haven’t become major factors in content marketing – it is either home grown or the province of independent agencies.

In B2SMB Institute, best practices for content marketing will be explored with several industry leaders, including RSL Media  CEO Rob Levin,  Cargo  CEO Dan Gliatta and Bredin  CEO Stu Richards.   Levin tells us that one of his mantras for his clients is  to “act like a media company.  Content  has to be done right,” he says. “It’s got to be a main tool.” He notes that just 3 percent of sales are directly impacted by promotions.  The bulk of the sales — 97 percent — are impacted by the broad range of content marketing.

In fact, “smarter” media companies have already started acting like a brand to sell their products and services, says Levin. Likewise, many brands targeting SMBs have  launched  a number of content initiatives.  These have been “planned and executed in a very strategic fashion,”  says Levin.

Posted by Peter Krasilovsky, LocalOnliner