Smart kiosks and Robot-chefs and waiters; do players of the restaurant industry need to embrace Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in order to remain in the game? Read our interview with Olivier Loverde, cofounder of Innovorder, who talks about current technology and how to remain competitive in the restaurant industry today.

Robots have only recently been employed in restaurants as chefs, but their presence in commercial kitchens has got the industry lit with either excitement or concern. In March 2019, CaliBurgers started using the AI-driven robot Flippy, developed by Miso Robotics, in its Pasadena location; the robot can grab and flip burger patties, handle buns and other ingredients to assemble hamburgers. CaliBurgers plans on integrating Flippy into 50 restaurants by the end of the year if all goes well. 

In Boston last year, the restaurant Spyce was created specifically with the idea of integrating technology into the ecosystem in order to enhance customer experience on a low budget. Customers use the restaurant’s smart kiosks to select the elements of their meal, and the robot chefs make to order in under three minutes. To ensure quality food, the CEOs of Spyce connected with Daniel Boulud, culinary director and Michelin-star chef.

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