The 100+ Brands of the B2SMB Institute

A Master Class in Igniting
Your B2SMB Enterprise Strategy


The best ingredients. Meticulous preparation. Masterful execution that borders on the magical and dangerous.

Our 2019 Leaders’ Forum brings it all together at Napa’s newest “Foodie Wonderland,” the Culinary Institute of America – Copia.

Join an elite and exclusive assembly of 100+ senior executives driving the $500Bil+ business-to-small-business marketplace.  Representing the C-Suite of many of the Institute’s largest Members, our invited attendees will range from Marketers to Operators to Founders – over 70% of last years’ attendees were VP-level and above.

We’ll address the critical challenges and opportunities of our highly-fragmented customer and prospect base – millions of “snowflake” SMBs who often defy description. Leaders will address fellow Leaders on success with SMBs, opening a dynamic 2-day dialogue on what’s working, and what’s not.

Our venue makes for the kind of exchanges always found over great food – bring your appetite for new ideas, new partnerships and new friends.

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Early Highlights of Leaders’ Forum ’19

Master Class:
SMB Buyer Signals

As B2SMB marketing strategies rapidly evolve beyond simple targeting methods, we must increasingly rely on the “buyer signals” Small Business send, primarily in the form of online behaviors. How does your enterprise capture these signals? How do you use them to make better marketing and sales investments? We’ll hear from Expert Practitioners and Resources on using SMB buyer signals to win more.  

Master Class:
Influence as New Media

The impact of Influencers on any Brand is well-documented; but our understanding of how Influencers work, especially as an emerging media channel, is nascent at best. We’ll assemble a panel of key SMB Influencers to teach us how they do what they do, and as importantly, how their shared mission to help Small Businesses can and should be influenced by your brand, your products and services, and you.

Master Class:
The “Moment of Need” Rubrik

Time and again SMBs prove that they are unmoved until they believe they need a thing – whether an app, a piece of technology, a new payroll system or a new break room. So do we sit and wait until we show up on their  to do list? Our panel of Expert B2SMB thought leaders will talk how new constructs of lifecycle marketing better create logical “moments of need” for SMBs, where new purchases generate new opportunities.

Strategy Workshop:
Build, Borrow or Buy?

New markets, new offerings, new growth – as B2SMB Leaders, we’re all seeking to marry what’s new with what works, and facing a near-daily choice to build, to buy or to “borrow” from others.  Our Strategy Workshop will primarily focus on the latter, a highly interactive review of B2SMB partnerships. We’ll talk what success looks like, and how we seek, select and maximize partnerships for shared wins.

Strategy Workshop:
Applying B2SMBI’s
Brand Confidence Research

The Executive Summary of our B2SMB Institute Brand Confidence Research will be released shortly before the Leaders’ Forum, and our Strategic Workshop is designed to help our attendees maximize the insights we’ll share. Led by our Chief Strategy Officer, Peter Hutto, we’ll discuss how an SMB’s Brand Confidence translates into actions your enterprise can take to both support and improve your position.

Strategy Workshop:
Is AI the Answer?

Can Artificial Intelligence help solve for the insurmountable complexity of the vast, fragmented and complicated SMB marketplace? We’ll workshop an answer with AI Expert-Practitioners in B2SMB, who are actively applying and evolving AI to solve for some of the most common challenges when prospecting, converting, serving and growing millions of “snowflakes” at scale and at speed.

Speakers at Recent B2SMBI Events

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Kim Green-Kerr
Sprint Business Solutions

Jeanette Mulvey
Executive Director - Content,
US Chamber of Commerce
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Smart Hustle
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VP Marketing,
USA Today
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VP Sales,

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