January 18, 2019

Because of the government shutdown, the Small Business Administration has stopped approving routine small-business loans that the agency backs to ensure entrepreneurs have access to funds, halting their plans for expansion and repairs and forcing some owners to consider costlier sources of cash. (Wall Street Journal)

Surepath SMB Index:The biggest gainer in December was Mindbody, which added over 31%to its market cap, driven by the announcement that it would be acquired by Vista Equity Partners for $1.9 Billion. The biggest loser was Deluxe, which lost nearly a quarter of its market cap.(Medium)

A study of European SMBs found that 24% of SMB leaders expect to sell entirely different products and services within the next five years, in order to remain competitive.With changing customer demands dictating their future direction, 59% of SMB leaders claim innovation is now a top priority.  (Business Chief)

A new study shows that without a question, having good quality links to your site has a high correlation to your site ranking well in Google search. (Search Engine Land)

A survey revealed some of the factors driving consumers to shop at brick-and-mortar retailers.They include: the store is visually appealing (49%), availability of additional services beyond the products (29%), local events (23%) and use of in-store tech (16%). (LSA Insider)

Social media marketing seems to have found the marketing sweet spot between effectiveness and ease of use. A new survey found that social media is perceived to be the most effective tactic used in a marketing strategy, while also being relatively easy to use. (Marketing Charts)

We’ve spent quite a bit of time considering the SMB trends that took shape in 2018 and what they will mean to the Business-to-Small-Business ecosystem we so passionately support, writes the B2SMB Institute’s Dave Walker.Here are our Top 10, all of which we’ll actively address at our Playbooks19event in March, and at our Leaders’ Forumin June. (B2SMB Blog)



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