January 16, 2019

At this year’s National Retail Federation Big Show in New York, company leaders from Kroger and Walmart took the stage to shed light on their companies’ digital transformations amid a changing grocery landscape. A theme across the talks was finding eye-catching and efficient new ways to do what supermarkets have always done: Meet consumer needs. (GroceryDive)



Google’s Adwords Express has been officially subsumed by Google Smart Campaigns. Smart Campaigns were introduced in July of last year, with the intention of simplifying the ad-creation experience for small business owners. Smart Campaigns is built on the same technology platform used to power AdWords Express but it offers more features and capabilities and improved performance. (LSA Insider)



To increase sales to U.S. small businesses, Alibaba has partnered with Kabbage, which provides loans to SMBs using big data and machine learning to determine eligibility faster than a traditional bank lender, to provide up to $150,000 of financing at the point of sale on Alibaba.comas part of a new program called Pay Later.(TechCrunch)




The restaurant industry is scrambling to keep up with consumers who increasingly want their food on­ demand. In this interview Atul Sood from Kitchen United and Zach Goldstein from Thanx discuss how restaurants can successfully utilize off-premise dining and marketing personalization to take share. (BIoomberg)



The backlog of small business loans held up by the federal government shutdown is getting bigger by the day.  The Small Business Administration manages about 200 loans for working capital and 120 loans for commercial properties per day, amounting to roughly $200 million worth of loans every day for small and midsize businesses. (Inc.)



Restaurant food delivery services like Grubhub, UberEATS, DoorDash, and Postmates are transforming the way people get their meals. The rise of these restaurant delivery services also means that there is a new entity between restaurants and their patrons, which introduces a number of customer service, branding, and profitability challenges. (Zion & Zion)



We’ve spent quite a bit of time considering the SMB trends that took shape in 2018 and what they will mean to the Business-to-Small-Business ecosystem we so passionately support, writes the B2SMB Institute’s Dave Walker.Here are our Top 10, all of which we’ll actively address at our Playbooks19event in March, and at our Leaders’ Forumin June. (B2SMB Blog)



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