January 14, 2019

Food-delivery startup Postmates has raised a $100 million investment just before it plans to go public, perhaps reducing the amount of money it needs to raise when it eventually lists its stock. The new investment values Postmates at $1.85 billion, inclusive of the new cash. (Recode)



After years of pushing for e-commerce overhauls — bringing inventory online, figuring out how to deliver grocery orders to customers and re-routing fulfillment processes — grocery chains’ stores are again at the focus of competitive strategies and new technologies. The big motivator? Amazon. (Digiday)



A survey of 2018’s local ranking factorsfound that interacting with Google My Businessis one of the most important factors in Google’s local ranking system. So while this may mean that backlinks hold less value than they have in the past, link building is still crucial to a well-rounded SEO plan. (Search Influence) RELATED: Last week, Google shared the thinking behind its experts’ efforts to optimize content on more than 7,000 managed websites. (MediaPost)



Wix.comrecently announced the launch of a suite of promising new products for small businesses under the umbrella name, Ascend.  Ascend helps entrepreneurs and small businesses easily and more directly connect with customers on the Wix platform using new tools such as SEO, price quotes, marketing and live chat with customers. (SmallBizTrends)



Money is crucial fertilizer for small businesses, but many entrepreneurs — especially women, people of color and low-income groups — lack easy access to loans.Two Bay Area nonprofits seek to address this dilemma, and their loans have acted as catalysts for all kinds of businesses. (San Francisco Chronicle)



Ahead of NRF 2019, HP has announced that it is expanding its SMB offerings with the launch of a new all-in-one POS system and that it is partnering with PayPal to utilise its payment processing services. (TechRadar)



We’ve spent quite a bit of time considering the SMB trends that took shape in 2018 and what they will mean to the Business-to-Small-Business ecosystem we so passionately support, writes the B2SMB Institute’s Dave Walker.Here are our Top 10, all of which we’ll actively address at our Playbooks19event in March, and at our Leaders’ Forumin June. (B2SMB Blog)


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