One of the big themes at the B2SMB Institute is how to help SMBs get ahold of technologies and services that are taken for granted by enterprise companies.  Goals include the integration of  their front office operations (customer facing services) with their back office functions (HR, accounting and administration).

infor VP of SMB Strategy Sandi Thomas — who previously came from Microsoft — tells us that it’s all about helping SMBs get tech that makes them both more independent, and active with management and marketing.  “It’s about the consumerization of IT,” says Thomas. “SMBs are all used to having their own iPhones. They want to be self-sufficient.”

Giving them access to services driven by Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-based tools – such as voice activated commands —  is a big part of it.   With 90,000 clients, Infor delivers “a hands on experience” to prospective SMBs, says Thomas.

Posted by Peter Krasilovsky, LocalOnliner