The Brands of the B2SMB Institute Global Conference


Speakers at
The B2SMB Institute Global Conference

Erik Day
VP & GM,
North America Small Business,
Janet Schijns
EVP- Chief Merchant & Services Officer,
Office Depot
Sri Reddy
Head of Global SMB Solutions,
Chris Taylor
Steven Aldrich
Chris Poelma
President & GM, Small Business,
Paul Elliott
Peter Urmson

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The B2SMB Institute’s Global Conference will draw 300+ Executives that drive our $500Bil Business-to-Small-Business marketplace.  

From the C-Suite decision-makers of established brands, to break-out Start-up Founders, to major investors and influencers that focus on the B2SMB space, the Global Conference attendees come together to talk high-level strategy, whether its sales and marketing, product development, delivery, training, partnership or investment.  Our Forum agenda is driven by cutting edge B2SMB insights, delivered in powerful keynotes, panels and showcases, sharing what’s working, what’s needed and what’s next.

Agenda Highlights for the B2SMB Institute Global Conference

B2SMB Strategic Tracks

From sales and marketing to product development, from delivery to training, from partnerships to investment, the Forum will showcase Leaders who are rising to the critical strategic challenges of the $500Bil B2SMB marketplace:

  • Reaching SMBs more efficiently
  • Engaging SMBs more persuasively
  • Selling SMBs more productively
  • Keeping SMBs longer
  • Delivering SMBs better
  • Growing SMB value more effectively

B2SMB Research Exclusives

Presented for the first time at the Global Conference will be proprietary Institute research designed to help attendees gain invaluable insights – insights that you just can’t get anywhere else, detailing:

  • Segment opportunities
  • SMB purchase insights
  • 2018/19 forecasts and trends
  •  Spending and investment priorities
  • Product development opportunities
  • Research needs and data demands

B2SMB Partnership Workshops

B2SMB Leaders from a broad array of industry segments are discovering the power of Partnerships between brands, from marketing and sales to product development and delivery.  We’ll focus on:

  • Identifying what makes great partnerships
  • Co-marketing & co-promotion for B2SMBs
  • Case studies of partnerships that work
  • How partnerships enhance SMB loyalty
  • Developing SMB products together
  • Partnership networking & workshops

Global Conference “Meet & Eat”

One of our most popular event activities!  Meet fellow B2SMB leaders while dining at some of Chicago’s top-rated restaurants.  We’ve already made reservations for groups of 6-8, and will have a signup-sheets at registration, so bon appetit!

Interested in Exhibiting at the Global Conference?

Sponsorships and exhibit spaces for the Global Conference are limited and will go fast!  To get your Sponsor & Exhibitor prospectus, please contact us here.

You can also arrange a tour of the B2SMB Institute, including all of its events, here.