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The 100+ Brands of the B2SMB Institute


Agenda Highlights for
the 2018 B2SMB Institute Global Conference

  The SMB of the Future Today

Christal Bemont, Senior Vice President & General Manager of SMB for SAP/Concur, leads a panel of fellow B2SMB Execs including Jenn Allen, Principal of SMB at Cisco; Carrie Jacobson, VP of Tech & Services at Office Depot; and Nicole Wood, CEO of Ama La Vida as they define the new-new SMB who’s millennial, female and diverse.

Top SMB Influencer Meet & Greet

John Jantsch, best-selling author of “Duct Tape Marketing,” has taught millions of SMBs, how to win, keep and grow customers. He’ll kick off our “Meet & Greet” of Top Small Business Influencers – bloggers, reporters, and thought-leaders – to mix and mingle with our attendees, hosted by B2SMBI Charter Member, Dell.

Exclusive G2 Crowd SMB Research

Michael Fauscette, G2 Crowd’s Chief Research Officer, leads a team of 40+ Analysts who study Small Business behaviors and intents every day, all from a platform engaged by tens of thousands of SMBs every month. From what SMBs demand to what they buy and recommend, hear what you need to know to succeed with SMBs.

Ask the SMB Oracle

There is treasure to be found in the Small Business data Radius has collected over years of observing online behaviors.  Darian Shirazi shares insights grounded in millions of digital actions, making clear opportunities that impact specific B2SMB products and services to whole B2SMB segments.  Just ask the oracle.

B2SMB Channel Strategies

Many B2SMB Enterprises have found an alternative to direct SMB sales: they’ve developed partner channels that deliver sales and support more efficiently and effectively. Hear from Itai Sadan, CEO of Duda, Todd Swickard of Smart1 Marketing & more on how their own channel strategies make for success with SMBs.

Riding SMB Marketplace Waves

For more than 10 years, Eric Groves led the strategic growth of Constant Contact, through multiple waves of change and transformation.  Now as co-Founder of Alignable, Eric brings his perspective on the new waves that all B2SMB enterprises must master or risk sinking beneath.  

How Google Thinks Small

Small Business is big business for Google, and no one knows that better than Todd Rowe. Leading one of Google’s fastest growing portfolios that spans 35 countries, Todd will share how Google is building its offering to not just support SMBs win customers and grow sales, but to guide them into the digital future.

The 70-Point B2SMB Enterprise

Jill Nelson believes that her Ruby Receptionists produce 70-point margins because of people. Sure, technology helps, but it’s the human factor that drives sales efficiency, customer retention, upsell, and more. Hear how Jill continues to improve her enterprise performance with 100s of helping hands.

How Partnerships Will Transform B2SMB

Laura Goldberg knows that partnerships can make the B2SMB world go ‘round. From its unique position as entrepreneurs’ go-to lawyer, LegalZoom sits in the midst of SMBs’ “immediate needs,” able to organically link those needs to Partner products and services. Laura offers a partnership primer for success.

How Blockchain Will Transform B2SMB

If blockchain technologies are indeed changing the world as we know it, what do you need to know to manage and exploit that change? Nitin Gaur, head of IBMs Blockchain Labs,  first, explain what it is, and as importantly, to lay out clearly how you can leverage this revolution for long-term marketplace success.

How AI & Machine Learning Will Transform B2SMB

AI-expert Brett Tolbert, VP of SMB Marketing and Data Science for Comcast Business, is an early adopter of Artificial Intelligence applications. He’ll talk his applications of AI to Comcast marketing, sales and more, making the hard work of winning and growing SMB Business Services customers more efficient and more effective.

How Culture Will Transform B2SMB

Sean Cohen is Employee #4 at AWeber, one of the largest providers of email services to Small Business. On the journey to build a product and a service that counts 100,000 SMBs around the world as loyal customers, Sean has lived the impact of culture on B2SMB success. He’ll share his journey.

How Digital Will Transform B2SMB – Again

Since 2013, Scott Gifis has led AdRoll’s mission to “democratize digital” for Small Businesses. But the revolution is far from over, and from his unique position leading one of our largest “e-commerce growth platforms,” Scott will detail the next wave(s) of digital transformation impacting SMBs and those who sell to them.

How Confidence Will Transform B2SMB

Peter Hutto, co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of the Institute, will introduce our proprietary Brand Confidence Study, a major research initiative that measures the specific factors that comprise a B2SMBs potential for success with Small Business, forming a foundation for B2SMB enterprise growth.

How GDPR & Data Privacy Will Transform B2SMB

As the Executive Vice President of Data Partnerships for Yext, Christian Ward learned first-hand the issues of data security that led to GDPR. He’s brought that expertise to his new venture, DataSmart, and he’ll help us all attune to our own data, to the need to protect it, and to fast-paced changes in technology and law.

The Marketing-Sales Convergence Playbook

Joe Malcoun of Nutshell runs an enterprise built on the sales success of thousands of SMBs in 50+ countries. He’ll give us a playbook he’s been refining for years, one that converges marketing and sales into a more cohesive and even singular process to win customers.  

The B2SMB Sales Pro Onboarding Playbook

Brian Bar of Victory Lap comes by his B2SMB sales expertise from the street – he joined Groupon as a sales rep in 2010 soon after the company launched, and ultimately built the enterprise’s sales onboarding program, impacting hundreds of Groupon’s foot soldiers. He shares what he learned and leveraged about selling to SMBs.

The SMB-Centric Developer’s Playbook

For more than 7 years, Matt Bostwick has led product development teams at Indeed. During that time, he’s adhered to the principle that successful B2SMB products are never “dumbed-down” versions of B2B enterprise products. He’ll bring a truly Small Business centered approach to building for success.

The Multi-Touchpoint Mandate

Like most larger B2SMB enterprises, Josh Melick’s Broadly markets to SMBs across multiple channels. But how do those very same SMBs maximize their opportunities across multiple channels? Josh challenges all B2SMBs to make multi-channel an offer development manifesto by applying these product priorities.

More B2SMB Product Breakouts

Our Product track will include a range of topics ranging from Product Design & Development to Delivery and Support. We’ll hear from our market’s best and brightest – from GoDaddy, Indeed,, how they do what they do so successfully, from inspiration and invention to installation and adoption.


Small Business Hackathon

Want to help a real SMB in need?  Here’s your chance! We’ve hand-picked 20 local Small Business Owners to work with our attendees directly to solve problems, unlock opportunities, and grow sustainably. Our unique “hackathon” format will allow direct engagement, feedback and more – hosted by Charter Member, Google.

B2SMB Innovation Forum

We’ve dedicated Day 3 of the Global Conference to what’s new, what’s hot and what’s next. Meet 25+ B2SMB “disruptor brands,” start-up to mid-stage companies whose innovations are changing our $500Bil marketplace. Our format includes an “Innovation Alley” of exhibits, and a Founder’s Forum of concise product presentations.

B2SMB Partner “Speed Dating”

Our Day 3 features an intensive Partner Networking session, providing a “speed-dating” format for meeting and greeting fellow B2SMB Execs.  If you’re seeking new and innovative partnerships to develop B2SMB product, co-promote to new SMB segments, or to simply make current SMB relationships “stickier” with expanded offerings, join us!

SMB Mock “Office Tours”

If you want to see, hear and touch the products & services that SMBs use to interface directly with their Customers and Prospects, our mock “Office Tours” will be led by SMEs from B2SMBI Member Enterprises, you’ll learn the basics of today’s (and tomorrow’s) B2SMB offerings in marketing, sales, customer service, delivery and more.

The B2SMB Economy

Mark Macleod of Surepath Capital brings his unrivalled expertise and in-depth analysis of the B2SMB marketspace to help us all better understand where our special industry is going, from investment to sales transactions to emerging trends in what’s gaining value amongst B2SMB offerings.


The B2SMB SaaS Market

As the head of the Cloud Software Association, Sunir Shah leads a broad community of SaaS-based product and service developers.  He’ll provide a primer on SaaS-based offerings, including a map of where SaaS players fit, how their business models work, and where the future leads.

B2SMB Innovation Adoption

Ariel Diaz, founder of Blissfully, has been tracking SMB SaaS-adoption for 8+ years, and he brings that deep data to us. He’ll share a precise map of where Small Business are with tech innovation and as importantly, where they are headed.

Agenda & Speaker Roster for
the 2018 B2SMB Institute Global Conference


Speakers & speaker schedule is subject to change

01oct12:00 pm03(oct 3)1:00 pmB2SMBI Global ConferenceDay 1 & Day 2 Venue - Morgan’ Manufacturing, 401 North Morgan Street
Day 3 Venue - Morgan’s on Fulton, 952 West Fulton Market

Additional Contributors to the 2018 B2SMBI Global Conference Agenda:

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Meet the SMB Influencers!

Our SMB Influencers Meet & Greet reception on Day 1 is a unique opportunity for B2SMB pros to
connect face-to-face with some of today’s most influential small-business experts.

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Here’s What Your B2SMB Peers Say About Our Events!

The B2SMB Institute’s Global Conference will draw 300+ Executives that drive our $500Bil Business-to-Small-Business marketplace.  

From the C-Suite decision-makers of established brands, to break-out Start-up Founders, to major investors and influencers that focus on the B2SMB space, the Global Conference attendees come together to talk high-level strategy, whether its sales and marketing, product development, delivery, training, partnership or investment.  Our Forum agenda is driven by cutting edge B2SMB insights, delivered in powerful keynotes, panels and showcases, sharing what’s working, what’s needed and what’s next.

Venues for the
B2SMB Institute Global Conference

Day 1 & 2 Venue:

Morgan Manufacturing
401 North Morgan Street
Chicago, IL 60642

Day 3 Venue:

Morgan’s on Fulton
952 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607

Hotels for the B2SMB Institute Global Conference

Ace Hotel
.1 miles
311 N Morgan St
$426/per night*

Crowne Plaza West Loop
.9 miles
733 W Madison St.
$248/per night*

1.2 miles
350 West Mart Center Dr
$241/per night* 


1.5 miles
28 N Franklin St
$332/per night*

2.3 miles
20 E Delaware Pl
$246/per night*

La Quinta- Downtown
1.5 miles
1 S Franklin St.
$266/per night*

JW Marriott
1.7 miles
151 W Adams St
$442/per night*

1.6 miles
122 W Monroe St
$346/per night*