As SMBs drive innovation for the U.S. market, new research shows headwinds that small firms are facing from global competition and larger rivals, particularly when it comes to embracing digitization.(PYMNTS)



Thousands of Instacart’s workers, who pick and pack groceries to customers’ homes and offices, signed petitions demanding better pay and treatment. The company has raised nearly $2 billion over the past seven years largely on the promise that it gives grocers a fighting chance to compete with Amazon. (NY Post)



An estimated 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to cover any unexpected expense like medical bills or car repairs. For the kinds of hourly workers that many small businesses employ, the financial penalties for missing just one shift are harsh, and often compounding. (Fast Company)



Most small businesses don’t recognize the importance of having a CRM solution in place, assuming it’s a technology that only larger companies need to worry about. And when small business owners do begin to explore the implementation of CRM software, they typically expect to find a “watered-down version” of technology designed for the largest enterprises. (PYMNTS)



Many individuals have made fighting climate change a personal tenet, but to make a lasting impact, Salesforce believes everyone should get involved — from companies and organizations to governments and nonprofits.Here are six ways small businesses everywhere can take action on climate change. (Small Biz Trends)



Three trends emerged in 2018 that every small business, whether a startup or established, should know for 2019.By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can position your business for growth and success in the new year and beyond. (Thrive Global)