If you are a B2SMB brand, you are no doubt aware that National Small Business Week starts on Sunday. Next week offers a great opportunity to recognize and reward small businesses for the value they bring to the economy and their local communities. Maybe you’re planning to celebrate with a special event, promotion or deal.

What about the week after next? Or the week after that? What if we celebrated small businesses in a big way every week of the year?

When I think about the most successful B2SMB brands, that’s exactly what they do. For them, every week is National Small Business Week.

So how can you embrace the spirit of NSBW and use it, not merely for its branding value, but as a genuine year-round marketing approach? Learn from the B2SMB leaders who live it every day, by:

  • Listening to SMBs, like our friends at Cargo do so well (check out their Small Talk series).
  • Showcasing the successes of the small businesses you serve – on your website and in social media.
  • Advising small businesses on ways that can help them grow, whether it’s directly related to your product or not.
  • Earning their trust (see the brands that are most trusted by SMBs based on Alignable’s Small Business Trust Index).