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    • May 11, 2022

    • 12:00PM WELCOME12:00PM - 12:05PMB2SMB Institute Co-Founder Dave Walker will welcome attendees with tips on how to get the most out of the Leaders’ Forum experience.Speakers: Dave Walker

    • 12:05PM BREAKOUT: One Big Thing
      Sean Cohen, AWeber
      Kate Winkler, Ruby
      Missy Galang, Silver Lining
      Richard Russey, Inc. Magazine
      Kelly Benish, Uberall
      Latisha Carter, Xero
      12:05PM - 12:25PMTo really get our Leaders' Forum off to a great start, we've created a workshop that combines old-fashioned meet-and-greet with high-level discussion on futures. We'll break into small pre-assigned (trust us!) groups to connect with fellow Forum attendees, and to talk about what we each want to get out of our Leaders' Forum. Faciliated by Members of our Leaders' League, we'll collaborate top-to-top and face-to-face with our fellow attendees to serve up our objectives.Speakers: Kelly Benish, Sean Cohen, Kate Winkler, Rich Russey, Missy Galang, Latisha Carter

    • 12:25PM REPORT OUT: Our One Big Thing12:25PM - 12:35PMTo really get our Leaders' Forum off to a great start, we've created a workshop that combines old-fashioned meet-and-greet with high-level discussion on futures. We'll break into small pre-assigned (trust us!) groups to connect with fellow Forum attendees, and to talk about the insights we've just heard. Our mission? For each group to identify the "One Big Thing" agreed to be most impactful to our SMB Customers, and to our B2SMB Enterprises. Faciliated by Members of our Leaders' League, we'll collaborate top-to-top and face-to-face with our fellow attendees to serve up collective wisdom.

    • 12:35PM KICK-OFF: 3 Big Views on The State of Small Business
      Eric Groves, Alignable
      Stephanie Gorski, Accenture
      Scott Norwalk,
      12:35PM - 1:00PMWhere better to start our event than with a powerful view of our millions of shared Small Business Customers. We'll hear from three of our most keen surveyors of the SMB marketspace, all of whom ground their observations in asking real entrepreneurs in the the thousands what's on their mind. Each will give 5 key takeaways from their most recent research, surveys and polls, a shortlist of what they believe are the "big things" we need to build into ALL of our B2SMB enterprise thinking going forward. We'll hear from Eric Groves, Founder of Alignable, whose survey of 7Mil+ SMB-Members is a monthly must-read; from Stephanie Gorski, Managing Director of SMB at Accenture, whose global surveys reveal new (and sometimes startling) insights to SMBs; and from Scott Norwalk, President of, who tracks in detail the buyer-journey of SMBs in the thousands every day. Take notes! They'll come in handy for our next workshop!Speakers: Eric Groves, Stephanie Gorski, Scott Norwalk

    • 1:00PM KEYNOTE: From Where I Sit: The Needs of America's Small Business-
      Wendy Taccetta, Verizon Business
      1:00PM - 1:30PMWith millions of SMB customers - from pandemic survivors to newly minted entrepreneurs - Verizon Business has kept a promise: to help first. Wendy Taccetta brings the quantitative results of nationwide Small Business surveys and the qualitiative insights from nearly 15 years in our $500B ecosystem. Wendy addresses where large enterprises engage at scale their unique, passionate and demanding customers. A kickoff for our afternoon focused on a Customer Experience Revolution.Speakers: Wendy Taccetta

    • 1:30PM KEYNOTE: Fanocracy: Turning Fans Into Customers & Customers Into Fans
      David Meerman Scott, WSJ Best-Selling Author
      1:30PM - 2:00PMAn author published in 29 languages, a Speaker on all 7 continents, and a passionate strategist who's advised B2SMB powerhouse HubSpot from its beginnings, David Meerman Scott spotted the real-time marketing revolution in its infancy. A lifelong student of Customer Experience, David says the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of superficial online communications. Tech-weary and bot-wary people are hungry for true human connection. Organizations have learned to win by developing what David calls a Fanocracy - (the subject of his Wall Street Journal bestseller) - tapping into the mindset that relationships with customers are more important than the products they sell to them. Buckle-up. High-energy, highly-engaging and highly motivating, we invite our first ever outside keynote to join our Leaders' Forum audience.

    • 2:00PM KEYNOTE- From Where I Sit: The People Needs of America's Small Business
      Burton M. Goldfield, Trinet
      2:00PM - 2:30PM Burton Goldfield is the "human highlight reel" of B2SMB. Let's start first with the company he's led since 2008: TriNet has a market cap of $5.5Bil; TriNet serves a workforce of over 600K people; TriNet recently acquired Zenefits, furthering its position as the leading human resources service provider for SMBs. His approach is simple: delight clients, deliver results, drive innovation, and endure with a dynamic culture. His view from the front lines of the people-challenges SMBs face is the topic of his address to his fellow B2SMB Leaders.Speakers: Burton M. Goldfield


    • 2:45PM KEYNOTE: What Massive Changes in SMB Needs Teach Us
      Chad Richard, Yelp
      2:45PM - 3:10PMWhen the world for SMBs turned upside down and sideways amidst pandemic closures, social upheavals and labor shortages, Yelp got busy. Not just providing the features they were famous for (location listings, store hours, reviews) but with a whole host of new, never-before-seen demands for SMBs to communicate to their customers just what was going on in their business. Throughout these massive logistical challenges, Yelp delivered quickly and creatively, and learned a lot along the way. Chad Richards - whose been building highly successful product offerings to SMBs for years - takes us on a deep dive into Yelp's Small Business insights to examine how consumer expectations of their Small Business customer experience translates directly to the expectations SMBs have of us in B2SMB. Speakers: Chad Richard

    • 3:10PM PANEL: Experience Over Function: How CE Will Make or Break B2SMB Offerings
      Chris Vasquez, AWeber
      Dave Zaboski, Laetro
      Taylor Backman, ZOHO
      3:10PM - 3:40PMThe rise of Low-Code/No-Code Saas offerings in the B2SMB marketspace belies a much larger transformation: the rise of the experience-driven offering. While function will continue to define much of what we build for SMBs, CE is emerging as the deal breaker, the product killer, the monkey-wrench in all the good works of development. What does experience-first look like in your offering? Chris Vasquez of AWeber, Dave Zaboski of Laetro, and Taylor Backman of Zoho, bring their CE-first perspectives from each of their unique perspectives - Product Dev, Marketing and Brand Evangelism.Speakers: Taylor Backman, Dave Zaboski, Chris Vasquez

    • 3:40PM KEYNOTE: Let Me Tell You a Secret: We Achieved Hypergrowth Through Customer Experience
      Maria Pergolino, Active Campaign
      3:40PM - 4:05PMActive Campaign has not fit the mold of a hyper-growth B2SMB player. You know the mold: employees working 24/7, high turnover, rush for funding, scandals and growth at all costs. Maria Pergolino, Active's CMO, tells a different story, an "overnight success" years in the making. The moral of the story? Focus first, last and forever on Customer Experience and the growth will come as steady as it is fast. She presents her Playbook.Speakers: Maria Pergolino

      Nikki Medonça, Accenture Interactive
      4:05PM - 4:30PMNikki Mendonça travels the world as an Ambassador to the Future of Customer Experience. She sits at the epicenter of the next digital revolution - the Metaverse - and she brings a whole constellation of insights to our audience on transformative tech that delivers transformative experience. But this is no "gee whiz" stuff: Nikki frames all manner of digital transformation into a grounded attention to what defines quality CE. She marries the "what's happening" to the "why it must happen." Her time on our stage will set up our first-ever "Idea Kitchen," a chance to take all that we've learned on Day 1 of the Leaders' Forum and work it.Speakers: Nikki Mendonça

    • 4:30PM BREAKOUT: The Customer Experience Idea Kitchen
      Sean Cohen, AWeber
      Kate Winkler, Ruby
      Missy Galang, Silver Lining
      Richard Russey, Inc. Magazine
      Kelly Benish, Uberall
      Latisha Carter, Xero
      4:30PM - 5:00PMWe'll divide up into small groups to tackle a big challenge: delivering a Small Business Customer Experience that meets the future. With SMB expectations of our products, our services and our enterprises forged in the last two years, and the addition of 6.5Mil new SMBs in the market, how will we up our game to better engage, better assist, better upskill and better grow SMBs? Glen Hartman and Team facilitators will work with each breakout group to draw out insights, to share recipes for success and to "cook up" what we need to do collectively, and back at our own brands.Speakers: Kelly Benish, Sean Cohen, Kate Winkler, Rich Russey, Missy Galang, Latisha Carter

    • 5:00PM Workshop Report Outs5:00PM - 5:15PMWhat did our first "idea kitchen" cook up? We'll hear back from each workshop team on key ingredients they agree will help them succeed through the new decade.

    • 5:15PM DAY 1 WRAP UP5:15PM - 5:30PMB2SMB Institute Co-Founder Dave Walker wraps Day 1 and previews Day 2 of the Leaders' Forum 22.Speakers: Dave Walker

    • 5:30PM WINE-SPIRATION: A TASTE-FILLED, WINE-SPIRED RECEPTION & DEMONSTRATION5:30PM - 7:00PMSPONSORED BY BUSINESS.COM/CENTERFIELD The best and brightest in B2SMB deserve the very best in food and wine, but as a bonus, we’ve invited chefs and winemasters from Greystone to show us novices how the real experts make delicious look easy. Mix, mingle, nosh and sip and go home a CIA-trainee!Speakers: Scott Norwalk, John Busby

    • May 12, 2022
    • 9:00AM WELCOME BACK9:00AM - 9:05AMB2SMB Institute Co-Founder Dave Walker set the stage for an information flood throughout Day 2. Prepare to leave smarter!Speakers: Dave Walker

    • 9:05AM ROUNDTABLE: Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye
      Reid Jackson, GS1 US
      Kate Bradley Chernis, Lately
      Dominic Varacalli, AudioEye
      Bill Furlong, Squarestack
      9:05AM - 9:55AMWe here at the Institute are continuously humbled by what's under the radar, out of our view or over our heads. So we've selfishly asked four "Transformers" to make introductions to those products that both surprised and amazed us. Our roundtable will show and tell tech that delivers the globally ubiquitous (QR codes), the widely misunderstood (AI), the universally important (web accessibility) and the downright elusive (the app of all apps.) Start your Day 2 morning with a delicious omelet of "Ah-a"s.Speakers: Reid Jackson, Kate Bradley Chernis, Dominic Varacalli, Bill Furlong

    • 9:55AM INTRODUCTION: 5 IN 15 Sessions9:55AM - 10:00AMWant great insights at a fast-pace? Our 5-in-15 sessions challenge our SMEs to deliver concise, actionable must-know's - 5 in all in fifteen minutes. Dave Walker introduces our topics & Speakers.Speakers: Dave Walker

    • 10:00AM 5 in 15- SMB TECH: Five Key Insights, Predictions & Takeaways
      Chris Shank, Verizon Business
      10:00AM - 10:15AMChris Shank of Verizon with years as an expert practitioner lays out the critical advances and applications of tech in the SMB marketplace, from platforms to networks to communications.Speakers: Chris Shank

    • 10:15AM 5 IN 15- CRYPTO: Five Key Insights, Predictions & Takeaways
      Kush Shrivastava, FalconX
      10:15AM - 10:30AMB2SMB world benefited from Kush Shrivastava's extraordinary product vision at Google, Yahoo and Verizon. In 2021, Kush cast his vision on the crypto world joining FalconX, digital currency's trading platform of choice. He'll lay out a (volatile) map of crypto's centers of gravity in the Small Business ecosystem.Speakers: Kush Shrivastava

    • 10:30AM 5 in 15- DATA: Arranger or Orchestrator?
      Lem Lloyd, OpenPrise
      10:30AM - 10:45AMLem Lloyd is a proud data-into-sales wonk, and from where he now sits, he sees the advances in harvesting technology for B2B data at ia zenith in 2022. That's a good thing, right? Not if you can't manage the orchestration of data supply and suppliers, especially the often nuanced variation between sourcing claims, verification, and compliance. Here's his 5-part Playbook.Speakers: Lem Lloyd

    • 10:45AM 5 IN 15- GROWTH: Into The Thick of It
      Chris O'Neill, Xero
      10:45AM - 11:00AMChris O’Neill, former CEO of Evernote, ex-Google “Wearables” Chief, and current Board Member of Gap, recently joined Xero as its Chief Growth Officer. He knows how to drive top lines into the thick of economic downturns, headwinds and whirlpools. He enters the B2SMB marketspace as a seasoned builder, and he shares 5 key insights into the Growth Playbook of the next 5 years.

      Michelle Winnett, Ruby
      Bailey Preusse, Alignable
      Kate Daniels, Oracle Netsuite
      Kelly Benish, Uberall
      11:00AM - 11:45AMPartnerships are hard. From finding partnerships that are genuinely a good fit, to aligning operations between large orgs, to measuring success and optimizing partnership performance, our 4 Leaders do this hard work every day across a very wide range of product and service offerings. We'll begin our workshop with a brief panel for each of them to describe how they approach great match-making on behalf of their enterprises. Then they'll break-out into smaller groups to facilitate attendee meet and greets. If “partnerships” are what you're looking for, this workshop is worth sticking around for. Speakers: Michelle Winnett, Bailey Preusse, Kate Daniels, Kelly Benish

    • 11:45AM CLOSING CEREMONIES11:45AM - 12:00PMB2SMB Institute Co-Founder Dave Walker wraps our event and delivers the Institute's balance of year action plan.Speakers: Dave Walker

    • 12:00PM LUNCH12:00PM - 1:00PMLunch

Speakers for this event

  • Bill Furlong

    Bill Furlong

    Founder/CEO, Squarestack

    I am a Digital Media and Data Inspired Startup Veteran with equal parts traditional big media company, and early stage digital startup experience. Recently, I founded a b2b SaaS firm called SquareStack. What we call the Business Apps Command Center for Small Business, we help the business owner embrace and engage the Cloud as business apps dominate the workplace.

    Founder/CEO, Squarestack

  • Burton M. Goldfield

    Burton M. Goldfield

    President & CEO, TriNet

    Small and medium-size businesses drive innovation, power the U.S. economy and improve our lives. TriNet’s SMB customers are doing incredible work, such as researching cures for deadly diseases, making the streets safe from gun violence and taking health and wellness to a whole new level. As president and CEO of TriNet, I have the privilege of leading an extraordinary team that is charged with helping our customers to care for the most important factor to their success—their people. Businesses today are faced with many challenges, including a tight labor market and increasingly complex employment laws and regulations. TriNet’s full-service, industry-tailored HR solutions free SMBs from HR complexities through access to human capital expertise, benefits, risk mitigation and compliance, payroll and real-time technology. This empowers SMBs to focus on growing their business. To learn more visit:

    President & CEO, TriNet

  • Kush Shrivastava

    Kush Shrivastava

    VP Partnerships & Exec Ops, FalconX

    excited about technology, traveling, photography. building and telling stories about products that make life simpler.

    VP Partnerships & Exec Ops, FalconX

  • Missy Galang

    Missy Galang

    CMO, Silver Lining

    My history of success in marketing is directly connected to my ability to identify and pull out why a brand should matter to their consumers. My expertise lies in driving growth through clear and compelling messaging that drives action.

    CMO, Silver Lining

  • Eric Groves

    Eric Groves

    Co-Founder/CEO, Alignable

    Highly experienced executive leader offering more than 25 years of experience in business strategy, sales & channel development, market creation, marketing, corporate development, and small business education. Results-focused leader with proven ability to develop market strategies, provide executive sponsorship, launch new initiatives and drive businesses to scale.

    Co-Founder/CEO, Alignable

  • Lem Lloyd

    Lem Lloyd

    Head of Data Enrichment, OpenPrise

    Leader of SaaS, consumer services and advertising network companies. Lem has led large sales divisions at public companies (Yahoo!, Angie's List and Knight Ridder), as well as incubating new marketplace and SaaS companies (BuzzBoard, Rocket Fuel and Oodle).

    Head of Data Enrichment, OpenPrise

  • Latisha Carter

    Latisha Carter

    Head of Partbers, Xero

    Energetic, resourceful Sales, Marketing and Partner Programs and Services professional with 16+ years’ experience combining strategic thinking, thorough analysis, and organized action to lead successful programs that generate revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and deliver tangible results.  Strong reputation for driving and advancing internal collaboration across departments to develop enterprise-supported solutions and programs.  Dedicated marketing innovator who takes projects, events, and strategies from concept to completion.  Engaging, trusted communicator who can motivate both small groups and large audiences to take action.   Goals-driven partner who can be relied upon to put in the work, meet deadlines, control costs, and deliver high-quality results.

    Head of Partbers, Xero

  • Stephanie Gorski

    Stephanie Gorski

    Managing Director, Accenture

    Stephanie Gorski is a Philadelphia–based Strategy Managing Director in Accenture’s Strategy & Consulting practice. She is focused on supporting Accenture's Software & Platforms and Venture Capital clients. Over the course of her career, she has also advised companies across the Communications, Media, Technology, and Products industries. Stephanie is a forward thinking thought partner and strategic advisor with expertise in companies that are driving industry transforming innovation. She has extensive understanding of marketing, sales and product launch & a comfort level with the “fail fast mentality” to improve product trajectory. Stephanie additionally has deep expertise in growth strategy, go-to-market strategies, SMB sales, mergers and acquisitions, digital transformation and operating model redesign. She is passionate about helping companies and business units decide if it is best to Build, Buy or Partner.

    Managing Director, Accenture

  • Michelle Winnett

    Michelle Winnett

    VP - Partner & Strategic Marketing, Ruby

    A proven leader in dynamic high-tech environments, I have been in management and leadership roles focused on translating complex products and solutions into messaging, content and tools to enable complex technology sales. Passionate about results and delivering a superior customer experience, I am a dedicated and collaborative cross-functional marketing leader.

    VP - Partner & Strategic Marketing, Ruby

  • Scott Norwalk

    Scott Norwalk



  • Bailey Preusse

    Bailey Preusse

    Business Development Manager, Alignable

    Business Development Manager, Alignable

  • David Meerman Scott

    David Meerman Scott

    WSJ Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Strategist

    WSJ Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Strat...

  • Kelly Benish

    Kelly Benish

    VP of Strategic Partnerships, Uberall

    As Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for North America at Uberall, I manage our Partner Acquisition Management and Partner Growth Management teams in North America and work on a dedicated basis with our channel partners and their clients in LatAm, North America and the Caribbean. My team and I work tirelessly with our global counterparts to ensure our client’s success, growth and constant innovation in the space.

    VP of Strategic Partnerships, Uberall

  • Chad Richard

    Chad Richard

    Senior Vice President, Business & Corporate Development, Yelp

    A seasoned technology executive with over 25 years experience creating and marketing innovative products to mass consumer audiences. Areas of focus have included: internet services, operating systems, local & maps, search, photos and entertainment.

    Senior Vice President, Business & Corpor...

  • Sean Cohen

    Sean Cohen

    COO, AWeber

    Chief Operating Officer focused on People, Process and Execution. Since 2001 I have been following my passions building a fanatical company culture, providing the absolute best email marketing platform to millions of people around the world and creating remarkable experiences for everyone that comes in contact with us.

    COO, AWeber

  • Chris Vasquez

    Chris Vasquez

    Chief Product Officer, AWeber

    I'm the chief product officer at AWeber. I love using design and technology to help people create businesses that bring hope, joy, and value to people's lives. I get to work with a team of product managers and UX/UI designers to create tools and experiences that entrepreneurs, bloggers, podcasters and small businesses of all sorts use to connect with their audiences in remarkable ways. I'm most passionate about identifying and helping to unlock super powers in product people, from becoming data-whisperers to prototyping mad scientists. He's almost equally passionate about building things that enable people to do incredible things and feel amazing doing them. The center of the Venn diagram between those passions is an obsession with experimentation as a means for unearthing insights of all types.

    Chief Product Officer, AWeber

  • Kate Winkler

    Kate Winkler

    CEO, Ruby

    Dynamic C-level executive, technology entrepreneur, and mid-market business advisor who has helped over 75 companies build and capture over $4Bn in enterprise value. A passionate and driven leader with expertise in technology-enabled business solutions, high-growth business models and complex mergers/acquisitions.

    CEO, Ruby

  • Maria Pergolino

    Maria Pergolino

    CMO, Active Campaign

    Maria is known for building world-class go-to-market teams that drive growth, differentiation, and category leadership. She has served as a senior marketing leader for global B2B technology organizations for almost two decades including serving as Chief Marketing Officer at Anaplan (NYSE:PLAN), Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales Development at Apttus, and held marketing leadership roles at Marketo and Shunra Software (acquired by Hewlett-Packard Enterprises). She is considered a B2B marketing expert from her success and innovative approaches in customer advocacy, demand generation, account-based marketing, strategic events, sales development and marketing communications. She has expertise in the Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle ecosystems. Maria holds both a BS and MBA in Marketing from Rutgers University and has participated in executive educations programs at Cornell, Stanford and Wharton.

    CMO, Active Campaign

  • Rabiah Duncan

    Rabiah Duncan

    VP Partnerships, Silver Lining

    Accomplished, multifaceted, and proven servant leader with 18 years of outstanding brand, client, and project management experience. Skilled at structuring and negotiating multi-million dollar regional, national, and global business acquisitions for corporate and non-profit organizations. Expert at cultivating top-tier C-suite relationships that deliver profitable, value-added solutions and generate revenue. Experience managing all levels of business strategy, including ROI / KPI metrics, creative thinking, and analytical problem solving. Views business through a 360-degree lens and can identify opportunities that are in alignment with an organization’s vision, brand, and core values. Experienced managing teams of 10+ people and larger cross-discipline teams of 40+.

    VP Partnerships, Silver Lining

  • Nikki Mendonça

    Nikki Mendonça

    Global Managing Director, Software & Platforms Industry Network, Accenture Interactive

    With more than 25 years experience in the global marketing, sales & service ecosystem Nikki is passionate about the Platform Economy and leveraging both Purpose & Innovation to design & deliver NEW connected customer experiences for clients.

    Global Managing Director, Software & Pla...

  • Rich Russey

    Rich Russey

    Publisher, Inc. Magazine

    A passionate and strategic leader, with a deep understanding of the digital eco system and an impeccable record of building winning sales teams, generating new business and hitting revenue goals.

    Publisher, Inc. Magazine

  • Nicole Wood

    Nicole Wood

    Co-Founder, Ama la Vida Coaching

    I'm the CEO and co-founder of Ama La Vida, an innovative coaching company which helps people to achieve both deep fulfillment and phenomenal success in their careers. I'm a Project Entrepreneur 2018 alum and a graduate of 1871's WiSTEM Cohort 7 accelerator for female tech founders.

    Co-Founder, Ama la Vida Coaching

  • Jim Fitzgerald

    Jim Fitzgerald

    CEO, Taradel

    Taradel makes it easy to deploy highly targeted, multi-channel, direct marketing campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses. Only Taradel combines easy-to-use software, proprietary data analytics, and direct marketing experts to maximize conversions. Strategic, Co-branded, and White-labeled Partnerships with FedEx Office, Canada Post, U.S. Postal Service, and franchises helped drive Taradel’s twelve consecutive years on the Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies in America.

    CEO, Taradel

  • Foram Sheth

    Foram Sheth

    Co-Founder, Ama la Vida Coaching

    I identify myself as a mother, a wife and a passionate individual who is driven to empower those around me to thrive. I realized that the best athletes, performers, and leaders all have one thing in common - they dedicate themselves to improving by partnering with a coach.

    Co-Founder, Ama la Vida Coaching

  • Wendy Taccetta

    Wendy Taccetta

    Senior Vice President for Nationwide Small Business & Channel Chief, Verizon Business

    As Senior Vice President for Nationwide Small Business and Channel Chief for Verizon Business, I am responsible for driving results in several strategic areas of the business. We are focused on creating the best end-to-end wireless experience for small business owners who trust their business to Verizon.

    Senior Vice President for Nationwide Sma...

  • Carissa Reiniger

    Carissa Reiniger

    CEO/Founder, Small Biz Silver Lining

    I am a passionate believer in, and advocate for, small business. I started Silver Lining on a mission to help more small business owners make money doing what they love. We have worked with over 11,000 small businesses in 50+ countries to help them build more profitable and sustainable businesses. Our entire team works relentlessly because we know that when small businesses thrive their families are given opportunities, jobs are created, communities are invested in and the economy grows.

    CEO/Founder, Small Biz Silver Lining

  • Chris Shank

    Chris Shank

    National Director - Small Business Innovation, Verizon

    Combining the rare expertise of analytical decision making, unique insights, clear prioritization, and capable leadership allows me to deliver elite business performance with stout dependability. I lead Verizon's Small Business Innovation Organization.

    National Director - Small Business Innov...

  • Reid Jackson

    Reid Jackson

    VP Corporate Development, GS1 US

    I have always been passionate about how technology can help us improve the world we live in. We live in very exciting times. The internet created a new Technology Revolution. Mobile phones accelerated us into another technology revolution. Just ask yourself - when was the last time you opened up a paper map? Now we are on the cusp of the new Data Revolution driven by 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT, Quantum Computing, Smart Dust and more. New systems, approaches, techniques, and technologies are going to be needed to address the Tsunami of data that is coming our way.

    VP Corporate Development, GS1 US

  • Chris O'Neill

    Chris O'Neill

    Chief Growth Officer

    I help build and scale enduring companies. I have had the privilege to lead teams at some of the world's most beloved brands including Google and Evernote. Over the past 25 years, I have gained leadership experience in consumer and enterprise, wartime and peacetime, leading challenging turnarounds and scaling rocketships. I've worked and done business in Canada, the USA, China, Europe, and beyond; led significant go-to-market organizations and served as general manager, Chairman, and CEO. Through these adventures, I've learned the value of courage, humility, and grit: the courage to continuously tackle new challenges to learn and unlearn; humility to serve as a compassionate leader who thrives as part of teams that deliver outstanding results and a positive impact in people's lives; and the grit to fight through adversity and bounce back stronger from setbacks. I bring this operating experience and perspective to my role as Chief Growth Officer at Xero (ASX: XRO). I serve as a board member at Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) and previously served on the board at Tim Horton's (NYSE: THI). Specialties: leadership, general management, governance, business operations, product development, product-led growth, SMB, go-to-market, marketing (brand, product, growth), analytics, SaaS, future of work, fintech.

    Chief Growth Officer

  • Kate Bradley Chernis

    Kate Bradley Chernis

    Co-Founder/CEO, Lately

    Kate Bradley Chernis is the Founder & CEO of Lately – A.I. that learns which words will get you the most engagement and turns video, audio and text into dozens of social posts containing those words. As a former rock 'n' roll dj, Kate served 20 million listeners as Music Director and on-air host at Sirius/XM. She’s also an award-winning radio producer, engineer and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales and marketing expertise. What she learned in radio about the neuroscience of music helps fuel Lately's artificial intelligence.

    Co-Founder/CEO, Lately

  • Taylor Backman

    Taylor Backman

    Senior Evangelist, Zoho

    I help communicate the value of integrated business software to organizations around the world. And I listen to customers, partners, and influencers to keep Zoho connected to the needs of the market.

    Senior Evangelist, Zoho

  • Dominic Varacalli

    Dominic Varacalli

    COO, AudioEye

    An entrepreneur at heart I am passionate about finding interesting problems and tackling them head on. Over the years I have built three companies and I’m always intrigued by looking into how people are currently doing something and making their life better through building great technology.

    COO, AudioEye

  • Dave Zaboski

    Dave Zaboski

    Co-Founder/CCO, Laetro

    HOW LAETRO CAN BE OF SERVICE: We connect talent with business teams to produce highly engaging digital content. Join the world's best creatives inside our infinitely scalable, connected creative studio.

    Co-Founder/CCO, Laetro