may, 2018

16may(may 16)1:00 pm17(may 17)4:30 pmB2MB Institute Leaders' ForumPreliminary Agenda & Speaker Roster


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    • May 16, 2018
    • 12:30 WELCOME TO THE B2SMBI LEADERS’ FORUM: CHECK-IN & WINE TASTING12:30 - 1:30 PMCome early as our venue host, Dogpatch Winery, offers light refreshments and snacks to welcome you to the Leaders’ Forum. Meet fellow attendees and members and sponsors of the B2SMB Institute, and tour our select exhibits from best-in-class resources along with our B2SMB Startup Showcase.

      Our welcome meet-and-greet is sponsored by Duda.

    • 1:30 DAY 1 KICKOFF: AGENDA OVERVIEW 1:30 - 1:40 PMWe’ll review the main themes of the Leaders’ Forum to help our attendees get the most out of our full spectrum of presentations, discussions and networking opportunities.

      Dave Walker, CEO & Founder, B2SMB Institute
      Peter Hutto, COO & Co-Founder, B2SMB Institute

    • 1:40 KEYNOTE: HOW LEGALZOOM WINS ITS CASE WITH SMBS - Laura Goldberg, CMO, LegalZoom1:40 - 2:10 PMLegalZoom has been a disruptive innovator in the market for legal services since 2001, using technology to increase access and lower costs to quality legal advice for hundreds of thousands of SMBs. How does LegalZoom keep winning its case with that very tough jury of SMBs? We’ll find out.

      Moderator: Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute

    • 2:10 KEYNOTE: GETTING IT RIGHT - HOW THE RIGHT DATA ON THE RIGHT BUYERS CAN TRANSFORM B2SMB REVENUE - Doug Bewsher, CEO, Leadspace/Radius2:10 - 2:40 PMRadius and Leadspace have announced they will “get it right” together, delivering to B2SMB enterprise revenue teams a go-to-market platform with the best data, artificial intelligence and integrations at its core. Hear how the new entity will allow B2SMB enterprises to do people-based marketing across the globe, managing and sourcing their diverse B2SMB data from a single place.

      Moderator: Peter Hutto, B2SMB Institute

    • 2:40 THE GOOD WORD: HOW YOU CAN WIN MORE SMBS LEVERAGING ONLINE REVIEWS - a B2SMBI Marketing SuperPanel2:40 - 3:10 PMB2SMB brands have learned that small businesses are much more like consumers than they are like their big business counterparts. SMBs are deeply and often irreversibly influenced by online reviews, by trusted bloggers and even by the casual opinions of the business owner next door. We’ll break down the tools you can apply to influence SMBs, from SMB resource-advisory sites to trusted SMB bloggers and reviews aggregators. You’ll hear from:

      Jeanette Mulvey, VP B2B Content, Purch
      Marc Prosser, Co-Founder, FitSmallBusiness

      Moderator: Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute

    • 3:10 NETWORKING BREAK3:10 - 3:30 PMOur Networking Break is sponsored by Office Depot.

    • 3:30 KEYNOTE: CAN I TRUST YOU? HOW NPS CAN TELL YOU ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR SMB CUSTOMERS - Dan Slagen, CMO, Alignable3:30 - 4:00 PMSince launching in early 2014, Alignable has served ratings and reviews to millions of SMBs, creating an active dialogue that goes beyond identifying simple purchase intents and behaviors. How does an SMBs “brand trust”, reflected in their unique Net Promoter Score (NPS), impact the business results that the top 100 B2SMB brands enjoy? We’ll see how much - and how.

      Moderator: Peter Hutto, B2SMB Institute

    • 4:00 A B2SMB PARTNERSHIP PRIMER: HOW TO ATTRACT, CEMENT AND LEVERAGE B2SMB COLLABORATION (AND ACQUISITION) FOR SUCCESS - a B2SMBI Partnership SuperPanel4:00 - 4:40 PMPartnerships between B2SMB brands can serve marketing, sales, product development and delivery demands. Unfortunately, there’s no that profiles the best features of the wide array of players seeking short or long-term relationships. We’ll hear from three brands that seek out, foster and deploy B2SMB partnerships every day.

      Kelly Thomas Nojaim, VP, Partner Development, Microsoft
      Mobolaji Sokunbi, Head of Acquisitions & Strategic Partnerships, NA SMB at Dell
      Steven Larsen, Head of Product Partnerships & New Ventures, Xero

      Moderator: Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute

    • 4:40 KEYNOTE: CONQUERING THE CHAOS: 15+ YEARS LEADING B2SMB AT INFUSIONSOFT - Clate Mask, CEO & Co-Founder, Infusionsoft4:40 - 5:15 PMClate Mask’s passion for SMBs stems from his personal experience taking Infusionsoft from a struggling startup to an eight-time Inc. 500/5000 winner. He’ll talk about the journey as a B2SMB pioneer, and where the future is taking his company, and the B2SMB marketplace.

      Moderator: Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute

    • 5:15 SMALL TALK: SMB TESTIMONIALS - Dan Gliatta, CEO, Cargo Agency5:15 - 5:30 PMWe’ll wrap up our Day 1 presentations by hearing from small business customers directly. B2SMBi Charter Member Cargo Agency will present a video documentary from its Small Talk series—candid interviews with real SMBs/SBOs talking about what they need, what they want, and what they expect from all of us.

    • 5:30 DAY 1 NETWORKING RECEPTION5:30 - 6:15 PMPartake of an expansive California wine-tasting selection accompanied by plenty of good food, great networking and one-of-a-kind partnership exploration with your fellow B2SMB leaders.

      Our Day 1 Networking Reception is sponsored by Cargo Agency.

    • 6:15 ‘MEET & EAT’ DINNER GROUPS6:15 - 8:30 PMOur most popular event from 2017, meet fellow B2SMB Leaders’ Forum peers while dining at some of San Francisco’s top-rated restaurants. We’ve made reservations for groups of 6-8 and will have restaurant signup sheets at registration, so bon appetit!

    • May 17, 2018
    • 7:00 NETWORKING BREAKFAST and CHECK-IN7:00 - 8:00 AMCome early and meet fellow B2SMBI Leaders’ Forum attendees over breakfast.

      Our Day 2 Networking Breakfast is sponsored by Ruby Receptionists.

    • 8:00 WELCOME AND DAY 1 AGENDA OVERVIEW8:00 - 8:15 AMWe’ll review the main themes of the Leaders’ Forum to help our attendees get the most out of our full spectrum of presentations, discussions and networking opportunities.

      Dave Walker, CEO & Founder, B2SMB Institute
      Peter Hutto, COO & Co-Founder, B2SMB Institute

    • 8:15 KEYNOTE: THE SHAPE OF SQUARE - Michael Coscetta, Head of Global Sales, Square8:15 - 8:45 AMSquare lives at the very heart of small business - where they get paid. This SMB financial and merchant services aggregator plus mobile payment provider has built itself into a conglomerate of indispensable POS tools, including Square Contactless and Chip Readers, Square Stand, Square Register and more. Now it’s expanding into SMB services like Square Capital, a financing program; Cash App, a person-to-person payments service; Appointments, Gift Cards/eGift Cards, Invoices, Virtual Terminals, Marketing, Loyalty, Employee Management, and Square Payroll. How to hold a distinct shape with all that growth? We’ll learn how.

      Moderator: Peter Hutto, B2SMB Institute

    • 8:45 KEYNOTE: AN SMB LOVE STORY - HOW RUBY RECEPTIONISTS’ TEAM PUT THEMSELVES IN THE SHOES OF THEIR SMB CUSTOMERS - Jill Nelson, Founder/CEO, Ruby Receptionists8:45 - 9:15 AMAnswering tens of thousands of calls a day for tens of thousands of SMBs, an enterprise needs tremendous operational efficiency to simply deliver its services. But can highly disciplined execution take the heart out of a B2SMB brand? We’ll hear how Ruby re-set their highly personalized service with a year-long internal campaign to their 500+ receptionists, putting themselves “in the shoes” of Small Business.

      Moderator: Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute

    • 9:15 REACHING & ENGAGING SMBs: OVERCOMING YOUR SMB-TARGETS’ DEFICITS IN TIME, ATTENTION AND TRUST - a B2SMBI Marketing SuperPanel9:15 - 10:00 AMThe ability to find, address and persuade SMB prospects both efficiently and effectively is perhaps the greatest challenge today’s B2SMB brands face - especially since SMBs just don’t want to hear another sales pitch! Generating response and action from a reluctant SMB audience is tougher than ever, so we’ll provide a dynamic and highly interactive combination of keynotes and small panels from top B2SMB marketers to talk strategies and tactics to break through the barriers, from feeding more SMBs to the “top of funnel,” to best practices in moving SMBs closer to the moment of sale.

      Jenn Allen, Principal, SMB Segment, Cisco/co-Chair of B2SMBi Research & Data Council
      Iris Hickenbottom, SMB BDM & Enterprise Lead, Dell
      Dan Gliatta, CEO, Cargo

      Moderator: Rob Levin, RSL Media

    • 10:00 NETWORKING BREAK & B2SMB FORUM EXHIBITS10:00 - 10:30 AMEnjoy a networking break among our exhibitors, or take a tour of our Startup Showcase.

      Our Networking Break is sponsored by Google.

    • 10:30 KEYNOTE: BUILDING SERVICES AT RETAIL - HOW OFFICE DEPOT IS CONNECTING TO SMBS IN-STORE AND ONLINE - Carrie Jacobson, VP of Technology Sales & Services, Office Depot10:30 - 11:00 AMLast fall, Office Depot/Office Max articulated a very simple mission by which they would transform: "help small businesses succeed." This from the observation that business owners spread themselves too thin, and simply need reinforcements, empowering them to take back control of the businesses they love. Hear how this retailer’s SMB offerings are coming to life for bricks and clicks..

      Moderator: Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute

    • 11:00 SELLING SMBs: MASTERING THE TENSION BETWEEN EDUCATING, QUALIFYING AND CLOSING SMBS ONE ‘SNOWFLAKE’ AT A TIME - a B2SMBI Sales SuperPanel11:00 - 11:30 AMThe ability to teach, to prepare and to genuinely help SMB customers make purchase decisions in your favor is a tough sell. And because these close-in sales are often conducted on a 1-to-1 basis, the victories come a dollar at a time. We’ll again combine keynotes and small panels from top B2SMB sales leaders who will talk about the thinking and doing behind converting SMB prospects to revenue, lifetime value and referrals. This “bottom of funnel” segment features B2SMB sales leaders, including:

      Pete Steger, Head of Sales, Kabbage
      Bryan Summerhays, VP B2B Direct, MarketStar
      Adam Johnson, VP Sales, ActiveCampaign

      Moderator: Peter Hutto, B2SMB Institute

    • 11:30 AM FOLLOW THE MONEY: WHERE VALUE LIES IN THE B2SMB SPACE AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE B2SMB INSTITUTE 11:30 AM - 12:00 PMWe’ll combine the data and insights of SurePath Capital’s most recent research on investment activity in the B2SMB SaaS market with our strategic plans for the B2SMB Institute.

      Mark Macleod, Founder, SurePath Capital
      Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute
      Peter Hutto, B2SMB Institute

    • 12:00 NETWORKING LUNCH12:00 - 1:30 PMEnjoy a great lunch and networking among our Leaders’ Forum exhibitors and Startup Showcase.

      Our Lunch is sponsored by Office Depot.

    • 1:30 KEYNOTE: RETENTION IS A CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - HOW GODADDY KEEPS SMBS THROUGH AN ATTENTION TO CE - Laura Messerschmitt, VP of Customer Experience, Godaddy1:30 - 2:00 PMWith a “vision to radically shift the global economy toward life-fulfilling independent ventures”, one of the most popular brands amongst SMBs is focused on radically better CE. And that’s across over 17 Million customers around the globe. How does Godaddy deliver CE that turns vision into reality? We’ll learn for the head of the Godaddy CE team.

      Moderator: Peter Hutto, B2SMB Institute

    • 2:00 ONBOARDING SMBs: PUTTING YOUR BRAND IN THE SMB’S HANDS, HEAD AND HEART FOR THE LONG HAUL - a B2SMBI Delivery SuperPanel2:00 - 2:45 PMEnsuring your product or service gets adopted, used and valued for more than a minute is a whole different set of B2SMB challenges made tougher by the unique and ever-changing needs of the SMB customer. Our Speakers will tackle the challenges of “getting it into their hands, heads and hearts.” This segment features long-standing B2SMB pioneers, including:

      Christal Bemont, SVP Global SMB, SAP Concur
      Rob Elzner, Global Director of E-Commerce, Dell
      Robin Stennet, VP, Innovation & Strategy, ADT

      Moderator: Rob Levin, RSL Media

    • 2:45 SUPERDEMO: GOOGLE MY FORUM: HOW THE INTERNET SUPERPOWER IS CONNECTING SMBS TO THE WORLD2:45 - 3:15 PMLed by key executives from Google, this “superdemo” of Google My Business (GMB) will highlight the key strategies that drive this ostensibly simple business listing tool - a tool that has become the most critical element of an SMB’s web presence.

      Moderator: Peter Hutto, B2SMB Institute

    • 3:15 CEO-PALOOZA: EVOLVING WITH CERTAINTY TO MEET NEW SMB SEGMENTS, BEHAVIORS AND DEMANDS - a B2SMBI Strategy SuperPanel3:15 - 4:00 PMThe ability to design and deploy successful new SMB product and service offerings, to evolve their extensions and to penetrate new markets - these are the opportunities that excite B2SMB leaders. Our stage will be filled with CEOs who we’ll pepper with your questions on innovation, development and the sacred work of saving Small Business - leaders like:

      Itai Sadan, Co-Founder/CEO, Duda
      Gavan Thorpe, President, Boostability
      Josh Melick, Co-Founder/CEO, Broadly
      Todd Dunlop, Co- Founder, RingPartner

      Moderator: Dave Walker, B2SMB Institute

    • 4:00 WRAP UP - THE B2SMB INSTITUTE LEADERS LEAGUE TAKEAWAYS4:00 - 4:15 PMWe’ll close our Leaders’ Forum with key observations and actions our Leaders’ League members have drawn from the past 18 hours spent at our B2SMB intensive.