The new ‘self-service’ era: where B2B selling is headed in 2021

To survive the impact of COVID-19, B2B organizations must make a successful leap to self-service ecommerce that wins over customers as loyal online buyers, John Bruno of PROS writes. Read more here:

7 Sales Resources That Will Help Your Teams Sell

Sales is never going to be a walk in the park. But these seven resources can make it easier. Read more here:

As Businesses Bounce Back Post-COVID, B2B Orgs Prioritize Accounts On The Rebound

Seismic, a sales and marketing enablement software, rolled out resources to help its customers adapt to a work-from-home model, helping customers with remote collaboration, meeting the demand for content and fostering digital engagement. Ed...

Study Finds 69% of B2B Salespeople Do Not Have Enough Leads in Their Pipeline...

According to research findings released today by ValueSelling Associates, Inc., 69% of business-to-business (B2B) salespeople said they do not have enough leads in their pipeline to meet quota. Given the global pandemic and recession,...

B2B Marketers Keep the Focus on Revenue in 2021

About half (51%) of B2B marketers say that revenue/bookings is an extremely important way that marketing gets measured, according to a recent report from Fortella that takes a look at the importance of revenue-driven...

How to Use PQLs to Drive More Sales [Playbooks19 Session Recording]

Product-qualified-leads (PQLs) are demonstrably more successful at creating SMB sales leads that convert. How do you build the B2SMB products and services that generate these users who more efficiently and effectively turn into customers?...

B2B Sellers: Get Smarter About Service Or Become The Latest Churn Statistics

Accenture Interactive’s "Service is the New Sales" study of more than 700 B2B buyers revealed that 80% of frequent buyers have either switched sellers in the past year, or plan to in the coming...

3 Steps for Getting B2B Sales Back to the ‘Not Normal’ Normal

CRM and digital engagement will play key roles in enabling new selling motions and creating new buying experiences. Read more here:

Salesforce for SMBs: The New Essentials

While attending the Dreamforce 2019 Conference in San Francisco, B2SMBI Influencers' Circle Chair Ramon Ray got to talk with Eric Bensley, VP of SMB Product Marketing at Salesforce. Read more here:

Why “Tell Them Something They Don’t Know” Is Bad Advice in B2B Sales

Few people in sales would dispute the importance of bringing insights to customer conversations. One might call this the Jane Austen rule of selling: a seller in possession of a desired prospect must be...
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