In the News: $23 Million PPP Fraud Case Ends in Guilty Plea

In the $23 million fraud case involving monies illegally gained through the Paycheck Protection Program, Steven Jalloul, a 43-year-old tax consultant from the Dallas area, admitted to defrauding lenders to get more of the...

The Global Minimum Tax Agreement: Why It Matters For America’s Small Businesses

A Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency Coalition memo reports that a global minimum tax, “levels the playing field between U.S. multinationals and U.S. domestic businesses who cannot take advantage of aggressive tax planning." Read more...

FIS Predicts 30-50% of B2B Payments Will Ride Real-Time Rails by 2025.

Ginny Chappell, SVP of Digital Payments at FIS, explains that amid the great digital shift, half of real-time B2B payments will “catch up” to B2C by 2025. Read more here:

In the News: Online Fake Reviews Coming Under FTC Scrutiny

The FTC says it's cracking down on fake reviews online by committing to protect consumers and competition. Read more here:

Small business owners feeling the squeeze of the supply chain crisis

Fox News correspondent Douglas Kennedy heads to Rhode Island to meet with the owner of Grimes Box Company, Brian Grimes. Grimes says he may not be able to stay in business due to price...

Twitter Rolls Out New Ad Features for Business

Twitter has debuted a raft of new ad features and a revamped algorithm as part of a drive to grow its performance and advertising business. Read more here:

DOE Taps Small Businesses for $105M Clean Energy R&D Funding Opportunity

The Department of Energy plans to invest $105 million in small business-led research and development projects that will focus on creating technologies that could help address the impacts of climate change. Awardees will aim...

NBA, LegalZoom Team Up To Provide $6 Million In Support To Small Business Owners

The Fast Break for Small Businesses Initiative will award $6 million in grants and LegalZoom services to support thousands of small businesses across the country. Read more here:

Facebook Outage Has Serious Consequences For Small Businesses

Facebook and its platforms Instagram and What's App were down for some five hours Monday. Charlie De Mar reports on the damaging effect it had on small businesses that depend on them. Read more here:...

GoDaddy CEO on New Point of Sale Options for Small Businesses

GoDaddy is introducing some new point of sale options with a smart terminal and card reader to help small businesses with brick-and-mortar sales and e-commerce. Read more here:
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