BuzzBoard CRO Lem Lloyd

SMBs don’t really know how their digital channels are performing for them, and need better metrics to have the confidence to make investments in their digital future. That’s what BuzzBoard and other data intelligence platforms are working to provide.

At BuzzBoard, close to 3,000 signals are analyzed from both first person and third person sources, giving SMBs a real feeling for their digital health, suggests CRO Lem Lloyd, an SMB vet who previously worked with RocketFuel, Angie’s List, Yahoo and Knight Ridder.

SMBs often complain that they aren’t growing fast enough. One of the main reasons is that they aren’t focused on using digital channels to prospect and win new customers, says Lloyd, “They are still delivering Web 1.0 services.”

During its eight year history, BuzzBoard has typically provided its data intelligence platform for a wide range of media companies that cumulatively represent digital ad solutions for over one million SMBs.  The company works with over 100 media companies in the U.S. and English- speaking countries abroad. In the U.S., its clients include giants such as Nexstar, Sinclair, Hearst and Cox.

The company is now branching out,  adding its platforms to large enterprise companies that are more interested in getting digital right for their own purposes than in selling digital marketing solutions to others.  The new breed of customer includes a number of companies providing services to SMBs, including major HR, accounting  and telecom companies. “Whether they are selling checks, logos or other SMB services, they are all feeling the same fatigue,” says Lloyd.

Posted by Peter Krasilovsky, LocalOnliner