A 3-Day Hybrid Event
Aligning the Future of
Small Businesses &
Those Who Serve Them

October 12, 13 & 14, 2021
Live in Chicago, IL
& Online to the World
All Sessions are now On-Demand. See Below For OUR WHOVA EVENT APP Access Information

SLAP It Forward –
Delivering a Spectrum of Help
for Small Business

For Many, One –
How the Evolution of Zoho One Has Delivered a Platform for the Times

Peer Power – How the
Networking of Small Businesses Is More Powerful Than Ever

A Brand Where
Work Empowers
A Better World

What Makes a
Best2SMB Brand?
An Agency POV

Single Mission, Singular Success – How Verizon’s Focus on Alignment Has Delivered

The Big View on Small Business: Accentures Global
SMB Research Update

It’s All How You Cut It:
Mastering the New
SMB Segmentation

Business-to-Small Business Success: 
A Post Covid Playbook

Trust & Authenticity:
The Power of SMB Communities
& Networks

From Venerable to Vanguard:
A Brand’s
Innovation Journey

Over the Weather:
How Tomorrow.io is Re-Inventing Your Local Forecast

Crypto & Small Business:
A B2SMB Guru
Talks Futures

The Economic Development Unicorn: Incubating, Growing & Accelerating Social Enterprise for Profit

Innovation in the
Time of Covid:
A Strategic Playbook

Leader to Leader: Dun & Bradstreet + American Independent Business Alliance AMIBA

Leader to Leader:
Oracle Netsuite +
Small Business Majority

Leader to Leader:
Spotify +
I Love New York

Leader to Leader:
Verizon Business + Local Initiatives Support Corporation LISC

Leader to Leader: Active Campaign + The National Association of Women Business Owners NAWBO