Is Your Brand Best to Small Business?


Finalists and Winners of the 2019 Best2SMB Awards will be showcased at the
B2SMB Institute’s Global Conference during an awards luncheon,
October 3, 2019, during the B2SMBI Global Conference in Chicago. 

For B2SMB Brands
With Best-in-Class
Products or Services

Does your product or service stand-out in the crowded marketplace for Small Business?  Our Best2SMB Award for Product or Service Offering will showcase the very best in SMB utility and value.  Winning brands will have a proven track record of serving thousands of SMBs successfully, with commensurate growth and recognition as market leaders. The award is open to all categories of product or service.

For B2SMB Brands
With Breakthrough
B2SMB Innovation

Whether to respond to their customers’ demands, or to gain competitive advantage, or to just plain grow, Small Businesses need innovation. The Best2SMB Award for Innovation will showcase the very best in new offerings. Innovation will be measured in a variety of ways. From technology breakthroughs to process re-inventions to long overdue revolutions, the award is open to innovations in all categories of product or service.

For B2SMB Brands
That Truly Are Best to SMBs

In the highly fragmented $500Bil B2SMB market, competition is fierce and victories are hard won. The Best2SMB Brand of the Year Award will showcase that rare combination of market leadership, forward growth and rarest of all, SMB praise. The Best2SMB Brand of the Year will have long demonstrated success in the Small Business ecosystem, earning consistent praise, trust and ubiquity. All Best2SMB Award nominees will be considered for the Brand of the Year Award (or can be nominated separately.)

2019 Best2SMB Awards- Our Judges