SMB merchant advertising often gets out-performed by larger companies with larger budgets and staffs. Can it use technology to get on a level playing field? That question has gotten especially important as retailers try to not only increase awareness online, but also sell (hence the rocket-like rise of Shopify).

That’s the role envisioned by companies like AdRoll, who hope to bring “true performance marketing” to SMBs and others by aggregating data from numerous sources. The aggregated data would essentially equal the larger players’ reach.

The idea has obviously reasonated with AdRoll’s customers, which after four years, number in “the tens of thousands.” It has also gotten the rumor mill going in terms of a possible acquisition by Snap, which is developing a comprehensive SMB ad strategy that would be highly differentiated from Google, Facebook etc. We have no idea whether there is any validity to the rumor, but it does seem to validate AdRoll’s concept and its effective execution.

AdRoll VP Scott Gifis tells us that he sees the company’s targeted advertising as a “democratizing” force for SMB retailers. It also serves as a backbone for AdRoll’s suite of high-performance products, which are designed to grow their customer base and drive more sales. “In the same ways that Google built AdSense for search, AdRoll is built to help companies more effectively highlight their products and services,” Gifis notes.

Posted by Peter Krasilovsky, LocalOnliner